Thursday, April 21, 2011

Story #346: Mr.L Birthday

I am done with my one and only final so I am done with the semester. Actually, I'm done with the 1st year of grad school. So now I am just chilling at home, TRYING to clean up and pack for our trip and move out of our apartment, doing exercises (I go to the gym on campus with my friend everyday over the past 2 days. and we did pilates at my place today!), trying to finish the food in our fridge and freezer, researching for random things, photoshop-ing Mr.L's siblings' engagement pictures, and rolling around on my bed.

Life is pretty great when you don't have to work or go to school. Well, at least for a while it feels great. I am sure it gets pretty mundane after a week.

I noticed that I haven't blogged a lot ever since this semester started. I know I blog about random things once in a while, but I feel like I haven't really blog about the fun things that happened because I talked about them on Facebook. So, I am going to blog about what happened a couple of weeks ago: Mr.L's birthday.

Mr.L's turned 25!
I threw him a party because I didn't do anything special with him the past 3 birthdays he had. The birthday he had after he came back to Hawaii from his mission was celebrated with his roommates and me at Cheesecake Factory (one of his house mates had his birthday that same day and had some giftcards for that restaurant. I don't think I even got him anything. The two birthdays after that were celebrated with his mom and family. I didn't really do anything special for him.

So I decided he deserves to have a good time on his birthday and that going to a restaurant to eat just wasn't going to cut it. I had this elaborate plan for about 2 weeks and my perfect plan was interrupted when one of his class ended a week earlier than I had anticipated. So I had to do everything on the day of his birthday while he went to school for a few hours. I shopped for his cake, some donuts, presents, and food while he was at school and came home to hide them so that he wouldn't find them. Some of the things like his birthday cake and the mini cupcakes were not easy to hide at all! I placed them at the bottom shelf and put fruits and stuff around them to hide them from sight. I was so worried that he would go look for food in there and find them. Luckily, he wasn't really a scavenger.

The hardest part was to sneak a box of pizza past him. I didn't want to get the pizza early because I didn't want to serve cold pizza. So I went out and bought it after my group meeting at around 4pm that day. L was home playing Halo. When I got home I opened the door to see what he was doing and decided I could maybe sneak the pizza past him. So I said hi to him and pretended that I had left something out in the car. Then I went out, got the pizza, pop my head back in the house to see if he was noticing me, and brought the pizza in (right under his nose) and hid it in the oven. He wasn't even a teensy bit suspicious.

Oh, I also hid his presents in the mailbox. I wanted him to think that I wasn't getting him anything. That was one of my plan to draw him out of the house so his siblings could come in. I had asked them to hide upstairs and park their cars far away from our apartment. They were really smart too. Instead of hiding right upstairs of our apartment, they hid in the one next to our block. I was so thankful that they thought of doing that because our upstairs neighbor's kid was playing outside on the staircase and he talked to L and L turned around and talked to him too. He would have totally seen his siblings if they had hidden up there.

Having him leave the apartment was the hardest. I got all dressed up, making him think that we were going out to a restaurant to celebrate. Then I pretended I received a phone call from his mom telling me to ask him to go out to the mail to check for his present. This was when he started to suspect. He was like "Don't tell me my mom came all the way up here for my birthday" and he started looking out the window to try to see her car. I was all, "No! She told me to tell you. Just go look!" He didn't buy it. So I was like, "Actually, I got some presents for you and I put them in the mailbox." He finally decided to go check it out even though he smelled something fishy.

So while he was gone his siblings sneaked in and i brought out all the food and bubbles. When he came, we all yelled "surprise!" and ya da ya da. It was awesome because he was surprised, even though not as surprised as I had thought. Still, it was great. Great food, awesome cheesecake, he got lots of presents, and we played Rock Band.


Leighton Whiting said...

Thanks so much babe~! I was surprised!

Ivy Ting said...

Haha.. one thing I noticed about Leighton is that he never show as surprise as we hope he will be. He always just have that "hmm..I kinda guess it right" look. LOL