Friday, June 03, 2011

Story #347: Big Apple donuts

One of my favorite things to eat in Provo was Krispy Kreme's donuts. I like the softness of the donuts that they have. But I always felt like they could have done more to the donuts.

I first came across Big Apple donuts in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia in 2008 after I came home from Hawaii. I was impressed by the beautiful art design on the donuts. I wanted to eat every single one they had. After I left, I searched everywhere in Utah, hoping to find something similar. Krispy Kreme was the closest thing to it. I was disappointed. Don't get me wrong, I love Krispy Kreme. But I wanted more. I wanted nice, cute art work on the donuts, not just some colorful sprinkles. So I was really excited to ear Big Apple donuts again. I am so glad they have it in Miri. Sadly, the donuts themselves were not as fluffy as Krispy Kreme's. If only they could mix Big Apple donuts art work into Krispy Kreme's donuts. That would be perfect!!

By the way, Big Apple originated in Malaysia. At first I thought it came all the way from NYC but after talking to my friends in the US about it and seeing the "what are you shmoking" look on their faces, I looked online and found out I was wrong. The brand is misleading!!

I have yet to try out the donutshi but they look like they are really tasty and they are so cute! I'll try them out the next time I go to Big Apple donuts again.

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