Thursday, August 18, 2011

Story #350: Behind my lens

So I have posted some bridal pictures of my sister-in-law here. I am really proud of the pictures! I have always been the biggest fan of soft, low contrast images. I like the feeling of dreaminess they invoke. I think those images are not only classy and elegant, they also exude femininity. Those are all the feelings I want my photography to be and my clients to have. After all, who doesn't love timeless portraits?

Like I mentioned in the previous post (here), there are some changes happening over there on my photography blog. If you have been following my blog, you'd notice that I have taken out the slideshow on top of my blog, changed the font, enlarged the size of the images, and also tweaked my editing methods a little.

Although these changes are subtle, I feel that my blog has become so much cleaner and simpler, and that actually makes my photos pop (duh!). There will be more changes coming soon. I am taking it slow because I have been so busy (remember the two weddings, the mission farewell, the move, and everything in between?). But I am going to be changing the look of my photography website and blog entirely (hopefully very soon. If not, by 2012).

Even though photography is my side job now, I am hoping to get my website and blog out there so I can eventually do more of more of it. So if you like my photography, tell your friends about it, tweet about it, pin it (pinterest), like it, share it everywhere! *wink wink* I will definitely consider travelling to different destinations (per my clients' request) when I am done with school. For now, just Utah/Salt Lake County + occasionally Washington County.

I have to also rethink my marketing strategy, my pricing (I've been doing way too much for what I am being paid for), and continue to practice shooting in certain lighting. I most definitely need to start being less shy around new acquaintances or my clients. I am always scared to death the day before a shoot and I often feel like running away so that I don't have to go to a shoot. Sometimes I get so nervous that I wish my ceiling would fall down and crush me so I don't have to go meet my clients (not that I have a lot). I know! I know! Too extreme!!! But that's just to show you how afraid I am even though I may look calm from the outside. If you are a potential client, don't be scared off by my scarediness (I love to make up new words), I still do a great job!

Everytime I go to a shoot, I first say 50 prayers that I don't mess up and that people would like me and tell their friends to hire me (I just want to get hired! Can you tell I am desperate?). Then I chant "you are great, you are awesome, your photos rock, you rock!" Sometimes I would sing to myself really loudly, in the car, songs that go up very high, til my voice crack. And I would laugh and feel better. By this point you're probably like, "this girl ain't normal!" I AM!!! I promise!

Okay, I have gone on way too many tangents and deviated from what I am supposed to be posting this time!

I need your help deciding something (yea, I can be quite indecisive sometimes. Like whether I should stay here in Toquerville for a couple more days or just drive up to Provo today. I have been debating with myself about this for about a week! Oh, you're like that too? High five!).

I would like you to vote on the pictures you like below. There are 3 sets of them (set a, b, and c). These three sets are edited differently, namely the temperature of the image, the saturation, the contrast, and some other stuff. I like all of them for different reasons and I do have my favorite, but I just want to see if you guys have the same favorite. Perhaps I will base my new editing methods off of the set that gets the most votes. OR maybe we can meet in the middle :)

A) Pink
B) Less pink, more green
C) A bit more muted and "white"

More examples? No problem!

A) Pink
B) Less pink, more green
C) Muted, more "white"

Obviously the same editing style used on different pictures will give different looks to the photos. Just go with your instinct and vote on the one that pleases your eyes the most.

MAHALO!!! Thank you so much!

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