Saturday, August 20, 2011

Story #351: Like Crazy!

Today I saw this trailer on somebody's blog. After watching it, I immediately decided that I HAVE TO, NEED TO, WANT TO watch it when it comes out in October.

It reminded me of when I was dating Mr.L. I loved him but I was so scared that our love wasn't gonna last. BECAUSE OF MY STUDENT VISA! I didn't really believe in long distance relationship and in the back of my mind the image of us breaking up over the phone or the internet (via skype) was constantly playing, over and over, when I found myself alone in the guest room at his house. So I can relate to those two lovebirds in the movie. In fact, I could relate to them so well that I cried watching the trailer. And I still feel like crying thinking about the trailer. I seriously am a faucet!

When I showed Mr.L the trailer, he was all, "another chick flick". SO unromantic!!!! No matter though, WE are still going to see it when it comes out.

Enjoy the trailer. It is stunning!

UPDATE: I changed the youtube video because I realized it wasn't the one that I wanted to share.

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Ivy Ting said...

OMG.. so gonna watch it when it's out!!