Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Story #352: Mr.K leaves on a mission

I like to think of life as a series of adventures.

Today my youngest bro-in-law, Mr.L's youngest bro, my mom-in-law's toughest son (he is BUFF! and she was in labor for 27 hours when she gave birth to him) went to the Mission Training Center (MTC) for the LDS church. His new adventure as a missionary starts today. How I envy him! I want to go to Sapporo, Japan too! What? You thought I was gonna say I envy him cause I want to go on a mission too? NOOOO!! Mission is way too hard for me! I have a fragile heart. I can't stand people belittling my beliefs, judging my actions all the time, and making fun of my religion. I would die of stress, and hypertension. I would die of heartache to see the members of the church being ridiculed for their love for our church. I leave the spreading of the good news (gospel) to the tough ones.

Mr.K, my bro-in-law, has always been a good example to me. When we were living together in a household, I am always amazed by how big his heart and his appetite are. He studies his scriptures everyday, goes to bed early, does all of his homework, and go to church early every Sunday. Who does that, right? Go to bed early? Go to church early? I don't even get to church on time! He also eats A LOT! I guess for a growing teen, that's normal. Oh, and he lifts weight like it's nobody's business. 45 pound dumbbells?? I can't even lift them with my two hands!

He's like a brother to me. We banter a lot, make fun of each other, teach each other, and admire each other. Okay, don't take it the wrong way. I admire his testimony in the gospel and the way he lives his life in accordance to the commandments of the Lord. And I would like to think that he admires me for my beauty. HAHAHA!!! Well, he told me that he would marry me if Mr.L leaves me one day (as a joke, of course!).

So it was nice that we got to pick him up from the Salt Lake airport, took him out for his "last supper" (as Mr.L called it) at Golden Corale, and drove him to the Provo temple for a couple of pictures before dropping him off at the curb at the MTC. So long for two years, Mr.K! Have a wonderful adventure in Japan!

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Lia said...

My cousin went on his mission to Sapporo!