Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Story #353: Hoorah! More changes!

Are you bored with all my talks about changes lately? Sorry! But that's what my life is about right now.

While I was tweeting a couple of days ago, I saw a tweet that made me so excited. Jasmine Star, the ultimate wedding photographer, tweeted that one of her video workshops on CreativeLive is now on sale. I emailed the tweet to myself for fear that I would forget about it if I don't send myself a reminder. I finally found time to sit down and watch a free clip of it [the course cost $119 after the discount and I still don't have the money for it :( ]

I learned A LOT from her and about her. I loved that she had a humble beginning in her photography career too! That gives me hope. Maybe I can be as successful as she is one day. I really like Jasmine as a person. I feel like I get to know her so well through her blog. I am an avid reader! I loved the way she told her story. She is funny and so willing to share her knowledge and experience. I love mentors like that (I call her my mentor even though she doesn't even know it).

One of the things that she talked about that I felt like I should definitely start doing is that photographers should blog more about things that are beyond just photography on their photography site. How curious! I always used to think that my photography blog is just a tool for me to showcase only my works, no personal life. I didn't like the idea of sharing my personal life with my potential clients (they'd think that I am too boring!). I am afraid of being judged. I am afraid of putting myself out there for people to see how uncool I am. Well, I guess I don't have to blog about my insecurity. But what about my tangents??? I go off on way too many tangents way too often. People don't like long-winded people. But I know that Jasmine is right (yea, we're totally on the first names basis), I need to start blogging more about my personal life on my photography blog. My clients need to know me as me, not just as some strangers whom they might consider hiring for their weddings.

I guess that instead of writing separate posts, I can just use some of my posts here on this blog on my photography blog too, something not as personal as pouring out my heart and soul I guess.

Therefore, it won't be a surprise if you see two similar posts on this site and my photography site in the future.

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Lia said...

You know, I'm a little disappointed your "changes" post wasn't the same as Julie's! =)

Then again . . . I need someone to wait for me to at least get married before having kids so my kids aren't way younger than everyone else's!