Saturday, October 08, 2011

Story #356: It's him again!

Today was laundry day again. Remember that little boy we saw last time? If you don't, go here to read about him. Anyways, we saw him again! He was coming from an opposite direction this time. He was wearing a kid's size police uniform. I tried talking to him, but he ignored me. All I can say is his mom taught him well. When we were in the laundry room, I realized I forgot to bring my BYU ID card so I ran back to our apartment to get it. Yeap, I ran, cause it was freezing outside. I almost rolled down the stairs. That's the story for another day. As I was running back to the laundry room, I heard someone blowing a whistle. I knew, by my instinct, that it was that little boy blowing his whistle on me. I didn't turn back to look cause I just wanted to get the laundry done. As I was running, I heard running footsteps behind me and the whistle kept being blown. I was secretly happy that I outran him. When I got into the laundry room, I told Mr.L that the little boy was chasing after me. Sure enough, he ran in, blowing his whistle. 

I am starting to like going to the laundry mat now. It seemed that there were always fun little incident like that every time we went. 

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