Saturday, November 26, 2011

Story #358: Thanksgiving 2011

Happy Thanksgiving! I had a great time in Las Vegas with my cousins and their families. One of my cousins and her daughter flew in from Malaysia and they drove to Las Vegas with my other cousin and her family. It was so great to see them and get caught up on each other's life. This was the first time I celebrated Thanksgiving with my side of the family so it's pretty great. I also went on my first Black Friday sale. After our dinner at New York New York America restaurant, we took a stroll down the strip to look at some casinos and take pictures there. Then, just before midnight we went to the factory outlet mall to begin our 3 hour shopping. I got a pair of leather boots that I have wanted to get for quite some times for half off the original price. Score! Other than that, I seriously don't see the appeal of going shopping when you're sleepy and having to fight your way through the human traffic. I also felt like I was in China or the Philippines since I heard so much Mandarin being spoken and saw so many Filipinos there. In short, I'd rather go shopping when I am fully rested and was not hungry and cranky.

Now I can't wait for Christmas!!

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