Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Story #357: LIFE

My goal to write a new post once a week is obviously not going to be reached. So I will just give you guys a quick update of what's up and what's new in our lives.

1. Life is busy, busy, busy for both Mr.L and me. Apart from going to school full-time (Mon to Thurs), we have a ton of homework to do for all of our classes. Work is also very demanding of our time, especially Mr.L's job (he's working really hard for his clients, on his own business website, and part time for Family Search). I am busy with lesson planning, teaching, grading, and meeting with students. I like my job but I think it is taking way too much attention and time that I'd rather spend on my MA Project.

Speaking of my job, it is getting a lot easier comparing to the beginning of the semester. I am getting to know my students better and built a good rapport in the class. I wish I could put more effort into teaching my students, but I feel like all of us are losing the motivation as the end of semester is drawing closer. There were some bad days when I just felt like quitting and say to my students "to hell with you!" But I never lose my patience with my students, which is kinda weird, cause they are not exactly my favorite people in the world, and MAN! do they complain about the homework I assigned them. Seriously, it's not bad at all. They should try doing my assignment! Anyways, I was counting the days til I am done with teaching for the semester. 14 more school days! I cannot wait!

2. My MA Project is coming along quite smoothly. I have compiled 10 sample dictionary entries ready to be pilot-tested. I am developing a survey to go along with the test. Also, Mr.L is helping me with building the dictionary website (which is the most important part of the test). Hopefully, I can get everything ready this week and send out the surveys to people. After all the compiling and pilot-testing, I will be able to work on the write-up, which I am pretty sure is going to be my biggest nightmare towards the end of the semester. This is seriously my toughest semester ever, hands down.

On top of my MA project, I have two other class projects that I have to do. I used to be able to write 5 major research papers (10-15 pages) for 5 different classes in one semester in my undergrad program, but for some reasons, writing two 15-pages long research papers seem so daunting now. I wonder if age has something to do with it!

3. We're trying to squeeze in a little bit of fun every weekend because, let's face it, life without fun is not worth living. I am happy to say that our weekends have been great so far. We went on drives in the canyon to watch the beautiful Fall leaves, went and did our first session at the Salt Lake temple on a snowy day, and went and watched Disney On Ice.

4. I've been going to bed before 10pm more and more frequently. Can you tell that life has taken its toll on me? I haven't been going to bed before 12am in the past few years (ever since I started college)! But I guess it's a good thing going to bed early. That means I get more sleep, and I'll be more rested, and be less cranky during the day, and be more productive. A blessing in disguise? Most likely.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I am excited about it. This year I am thankful for all the work that the Lord has blessed us with. K, this is probably a little bit too depressing but at one point when I felt like I was drowning in all the assignments, I wished for the world to end soon. I am thankful that the Lord did not listen to my stupid, whiny wish. Even though I am always complaining about how busy I am and how much I wish everything could be over, I am actually very thankful for a busy life. At least I am not bored! I feel a sense of accomplishment and confidence everytime I finish a seemingly way-too-difficult-for-Sharon task. I proved to myself that I could find a way to get things done if I had a will.

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