Monday, January 30, 2012

Pregnancy Record: Week 7 I'm a pregger.

Well, the stick showed it, and the ob/gyn confirmed it. So I guess I am officially pregnant now! The baby is in its week 7 and is the size of a blueberry. This week the baby is developing arms and legs. It's mind-boggling a 'thing' the size of a blueberry has hands and feet!

Wow, it sounds so surreal! When I took the pregnancy test, I was expecting it to show 'not pregnant' because I was so certain my period was just irregularly late. I was thinking that maybe because of my 'irregular period' I would have to go see a doctor to make sure that I can still get pregnant. So, when I saw the stick and it showed 'pregnant', I was speechless.

I am not exactly shocked by the result though. Mr.L and I were planning to get pregnant this year anyways. But to be pregnant on the first month of the new year after only two months of trying, I was really not expecting to be expecting so soon! Like I said, surreal! I can't feel a baby moving inside and my belly is still flat!

In the beginning, I had a lot of questions. Now, I have even more. I used to think that I know so much about being pregnant, going the labor, being a parent. I have many older cousins and friends who told me about what they went through so I thought I know enough about what needs to be known about pregnancy and life after pregnancy. This past week I realized I know jack!

I am still learning through friends and Internet about what to expect. Some advice I got are kinda weird but most are wonderful. A friend of mine, being a very superstitious Chinese, are always giving me all this crazy advise about not drinking cold water, no cold food, and no showering with tap water. It's mind-boggling that there are still people clinging on to the crazy traditions and follow them to a tee.

I love hearing birth stories. Especially the excruciating painful part. It scares me but I am intrigued at the same time. It's like watching the Kardashians show: even though it's painful to watch, I just can't take my eyes off. I am intrigued by water birth and I am leaning towards having my baby that way.

We had some important decisions to decide this week as well. At first we were faced with the insurance issues because I am graduating this June. We thought that the Student health plan that I have now will be terminated and I won't have an insurance. We found out that to extend the health plan, we need to pay $800 a month for it until the baby is born. That's like $2400 plus other copay stuff which will pretty much amount to about more than $5000. Too much money! So we had two options: 1. To extend my graduation til December so that I still get the student health plan for a cheap price ($400 per semester). 2. To go back to Malaysia and have my baby there after I graduate and then come back to the U.S. after my confinement period is over (of you don't know what confinement period is, I will talk more about it next time).

Both choices were no good. First choice: Are you kidding me? I am dying to finish school and the thought of graduating half a year later is killing me. I just can't go through with that. Seriously, I was devastated when Mr.L brought that up. I was like, how dare you ask me to stay back in school when I am so close to being done? I was so sad and furious (I swear it's the hormone). Second choice: while going back to Malaysia and give birth there for only $16 (yeap, this is not a typo) is fantastic, I know that I will be so sad if Mr.L misses his chance to witness the birth of his firstborn (well, maybe it's better if he doesn't witness the horrify look and the screaming and gnashing of teeth).

Only the first week and I was already stressed-out! We prayed about it and our prayer was answered. We called the health center and was told that even if I graduate in June, my insurance won't terminate immediately. In fact, I will be covered til the end of August. I love BYU! But we'll have to extend the insurance policy til October, so we'll have to pay the $800/month after August. This is a great news! We can totally afford that. That means I don't need to extend my graduation and I don't have to fly home with my big belly, suffer the jetlag, fly with a newborn back to the US by myself, and Mr.L won't have to miss his child's birth. Thank you, Lord!!

My morning sickness is not bad at all. I feel nauseated sometimes but the feeling is starting to fade. I am still tired all the time but I feel that I have more energy during the day now. I hope that this is a smooth and easy pregnancy. Hopefully the stress from my last semester of school wouldn't affect me much. I need a stress-free pregnancy.

Well, until next week.


Esther Langi said...

yay! congrats sharon!! have you considered medicaid for insurance? since you're pregnant, there's a good chance you'll get it, and it's totally free (if you qualify). so exciting! you'll be a totally rockin' mom! good luck with the pregnancy and graduation and all that good stuff!!

Nikki Yoder said...

Yay! You posted! I was wondering when you would tell the world. I am SO excited to have a little pregger buddy. And it is SO true. When I was reading about how you think you know everything ~ but when you get pregnant it's just sooo much different.

Even when you first find out you are pregnant you tend to touch your belly and just envision this little being inside of you. So special!

At the doctors were you able to hear the heartbeat? If you were, how did you feel???? I thought it was the most crazy and amazing thing. I almost cried haha.

You guys are truly blessed. Congrats on the insurance! Insurance is suuuch a stress. I have almost come to a point to not stress about it anymore. I fear it may just drag out until a couple months after Cove is born.

I'm excited to hear how things progress with your pregnancy. :D