Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pregnancy record: Week 11

Before I got pregnant, I read some stuff about baby products. I used to think that babies only need milk and diapers. How hard is that?

Now I am overwhelmed by all the things that people say that a baby would need--a lot more than I had expected. On top of that, there are different brands to consider. Say if I want to buy some diapers for my newborn, I can now choose to either use cloth diapers (cause they are trendy now), or disposable ones. If I choose disposable ones then I'll have to consider whether the diapers are made from materials that are harmful to my bb (you'd be surprise HOW MANY harmful chemicals and materials go into making baby products that can cause chronic illnesses like allergies, autism, and childhood cancer), and what brand is best for our baby and our budget.

Apart from diapers, there's baby shampoo, lotion, and the list goes on and on and on. I'm like a full-time mom now. If I am not working or writing my papers, I am online reading about EVERYTHING there is about babies. It's kinda exhausting at times. I wish I know how to best protect my baby and make the right choices for them when they are so little. It's amazing how the little thing inside of me is only the size of a fig and I am already so in love and crazy about it. I would give anything I have to make sure that he/she is healthy, safe, and happy.

Anyways, last week we got to hear our baby's heartbeat for the first time! It was such a weird feeling. I was just happy that my baby is still alive. There were times when I was so unsure whether the baby was still inside of me or not and if so how come my stomach wasn't growing big. So yea, what a relief after I heard the baby's strong heartbeat at 154bpm. I've gained only a pound so the doctor reminded me again that I need to gain at least 30 pounds throughout my pregnancy. More pressure.

I am entering my 11th week tomorrow. Can't wait to be in my second trimester already! So far my cravings are french fries and coca-cola. I even dreamed about drinking coca-cola. That's how strong my craving for it was. Hmm...the bb already made some unhealthy choice, no french fries and coke for it after it's born. I am putting my foot down.

Um...I see people posting their pictures of their pregnancy on their blog sometimes and I wonder if I should do that too... even though I feel totally unattractive and have NO desire to dress-up at all. Oh well, until next time.


Sariah Stratford said...

If you have an artistic friend you could have them paint your stomach every couple of weeks to show how you are and baby are growing.

Week 11 Pregnancy said...

Many congrats, loved reading your story and look forward to following along!