Friday, March 09, 2012

Pregnancy record: Week 13 (Almost done with first trimester)

13 weeks! I am almost done with my first trimester. Yay!! I am so thankful that the pregnancy has been so easy so far. No morning sickness, no food aversion, no strong cravings. I am not counting down the days til my labor and I am not really desperate for the pregnancy to be over yet. I might towards the end of my pregnancy, but I am really enjoying being pregnant so far. I guess this is mainly because I still feel the way I do before I got pregnant. My bump is still not really showing unless if I wear a super-tight t-shirt, and my tightest jeans can still barely fit. However, I have to go to the bathroom more and more now. Like every 5 minutes, which is really annoying when you're already in bed and almost falling asleep.

I am not excited about the weight-gain. I don't know how many pounds I have gained since the last time I went to the OB/GYN three weeks ago. Last time she saw me she told me I gained a pound. Next week I'll go see her again, hopefully I will have gained enough that she doesn't nag me to eat more. I am so glad I do not have a scale at home. I would seriously go stand on it every few hours if I have one.

I watched a video on natural birth just now. It was about 5 minutes long. It was the most horrifying 5 minutes in my life (if we don't count the time I almost drowned). It is too graphic for me but I want to know what I would go through when my time comes. For me, the whole birthing experience is really gross. Seeing how big the vagina expands and how large a newborn is is not comforting. I guess the only comforting thing is I won't have to see myself giving birth. But still, natural birth is a yucky business. I also heard that newborn smells very fishy when they are first born. I like to eat fish but I don't like smelling them. I wonder if the doctor would clean the baby first before giving it to me. That would be ideal. Wouldn't it nice if babies come out smelling like Johnson and Johnson shampoo?

People always say childbirth is very very painful. But nobody can really describe it to me. One friend told me it's 10 times more painful than period cramps. painful is that?? Some people say it's 10 times more painful than constipation. Uh... Does it hurt as bad as a whiplash? Or more? Does it hurt as bad as pulling a hamstring? Or not so bad??? I just really want to know about how painful labor is.

Hopefully my labor would be as easy as my pregnancy. My little one has been so nice to me and may he/she be nice to me during the labor too (please grow big but not too big).


Jules said...'s way more painful than anything you've EVER done, but it's way more worth it, too!! Nobody can explain it to you because it's like God gives us a a dose of forgetting potion in after you go through it...otherwise no one would have more than one baby!! lol but seriously - it is hard (it's called "labor" for a reason!) but you're little one is going to be so amazing you won't even remember it after awhile. Troy is only 5 weeks old and I'm already forgetting! Because I already want more! (in a year or two...ha)

I'm so glad you're pregnancy is going so well!! You are a lucky girl - I bet you'll have a smoother labor (still hard, though!) because you take care of yourself. Most importantly you'll have a healthy baby!

man this is the longest comment I think I've ever left.... oh yeah, and I LOVE YOU!

Nikki Yoder said...

Wow, you are brave to go online and watch a birthing video. I've seen a birth live and it didn't seem too bad to me at all, but it was like 5 years ago so maybe I have forgotten? lol

Good to hear you are doing well! At your stage I kind of felt "flabby" in a way because you kind of have a belly, but it's all squishy and it feels like you just haven't been in shape for a while. :)

If I remember my labor I'll try and describe it for you, but it sounds like all women forget as soon as they hold their baby.

Week 14 Pregnancy said...

SO cute! Glad you are feeling better- what a relief!