Friday, March 16, 2012

Pregnancy record: Second trimester (14 weeks)

How old is baby now? 3 and a half month old (14 weeks). That means my baby has graduated from the size of a sesame seed (5 weeks old when we first found out I was pregnant) to the size of a lemon. Whoo-hoo! Only 6 more months til baby is the size of a pumpkin!! I wonder how heavy that would feel in my stomach.

5 weeks old

14 weeks old

We went and saw my ob today and I have gained 1 pound. So basically, after being pregnant for 3 months, I have only gained 2 pounds!!! What the heck? I am eating a lot! Anyways, I was so excited to schedule my appointment for an ultrasound two weeks from now to do a gender-check. We've been wanting to know the gender of the baby ever since we first found out! Any guesses??? 

We also have to get another ultrasound done 6 weeks from now to check the baby's anatomy. I can't wait to see my bb's little body. My ob also asked us if we want to do a blood test to find out if our bb have high risk of down syndrome. I am kinda anxious about that. I mean, what if I found out that I am a high-risk-er? I have two options: to go ahead with a procedure where they stick a needle to get some sample of bb's sac to find out if bb really has down syndrome; or I can just not do anything and be worried the whole time til bb is born. And so what if I found out if bb has down syndrome? Again, two options: terminate the pregnancy, or keep the bb. Is that even a choice??? I don't know how I feel now about it now. Should I go ahead with the blood test or should I just not find out since I am young. It would be hard to know that my bb has down syndrome and not be able to do anything about it. I don't know how to prepare myself for that. 

By the way, here's a picture of my bump. Mr.L took it for me last week. 

Yep, I definitely feel my tummy expanding. Actually I feel every part of my body expanding, even my face. I wish my face would not be affected by my weight-gain, but it does and I hate it. Can't I just have a really big, round belly and still be skinny everywhere else? 

My friend told me that after her baby was born, her tummy was flabby. I was shocked to hear that. I naively thought that the tummy would just go back to its original size and the skin would still be taught. *Bubble burst* Oh well, I'll just get one of those belly wrap that can miraculously shrink my tummy back after a month. My cousin and one of my friends in Malaysia told me that's what they use to get their flat tummy back quick, no exercise. Also, because our organs shift during pregnancy, the wrap is supposed to help adjust the organs back to where they used to be. The wrap can also help with adjust your lower back bones or something. Triple woot! 

Oh, I'm flying to Philadelphia to give a presentation on my MA project two weeks from now and my friends and I will be going to New York city while we're over there. I am really excited about that. I haven't traveled with friends since after I graduated in 2008. Hopefully the pregnancy wouldn't make the flight hard to endure. Any tips? 


Week 14 Pregnancy said...

I love updates like these. Babies are not in my horizon right now, but I love reading about other peoples baby stories. :)

Heather said...

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