Thursday, April 05, 2012

Pregnancy Record: Week 16

I went to Philadelphia and New York and it was a blast. I love East Coast. But I am also glad to be home after being away for a week. I miss Mr.L too much. It's just not the same traveling and having a good time without him. I almost never had a good night sleep during the trip.

During the trip, I walked A LOT. I walked so much that my feet blistered, my lower back ached, and the balls on my feet felt like they'd bruised. I walked every single day and about 5 miles a day. I rarely walked in Provo because I got to drive everywhere and parking and traffic were so good here. I guess it's good that I got some exercising in even though I was technically on vacation. It keeps me healthy and maintain my weight I guess. At the end of every day, I just felt amazed at how strong my legs and my body are that I hadn't collapse out of exhaustion. Carrying a baby and all the water that comes with it makes walking a lot harder. I feel heavy most of the time and I couldn't move as fast as I used to.

My favorite part of Philadelphia was visiting the Masonic temple there. Ever since reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown, I have been really interested in masonry. Joseph Smith was a mason and many founding fathers were masons too. I heard that they have "secret" handshakes and rituals and whatnot. I was really intrigued. It was a good opportunity for me to learn more about what this brotherhood is all about. I loved the temple mostly because of its decoration and history. There were 7 rooms in this temple and all of them serve the same purpose and function, but they all have different themes.

City Hall Philadelphia

The original Declaration of Independence of the United States

The original ink used to sign the declaration

Independence Hall, the birth place of America

Benjamin Franklin's grave

A memorial of the unknown soldiers

The outside of the Masonic Temple Philadelphia

A copy of an old Book of Mormon at the Masonic Temple

Ben Franklin was a Grand Mason

One of the rooms in the Masonic temple

An altar for some masonry rituals

My favorite part about New York City is going to FAO Schwarz. I visited NYC about 4 years ago and I loved the city so much. This time back I felt more confident about finding my way around, and I really love the diversity there. There are so many people from all around the world. I heard more foreign languages than English. It was so amazing. Would I go back to live there? In a heartbeat. I just need to find a well-paying job and make sure I get to live in a nice neighborhood. By the way, I found out that NYC is one of the top 5 safest place in the States. Okay, back to FAO Schwarz. I've never been to a more enchanting toy store. I just used "enchanting" to describe it. It's true. I love everything about it. I bought a soft cuddly sheep for my baby. I love the sheep so much I sleep with it now.

My second Broadway Show. I loved it. 

I love Time Square

Empire State building

We are 17 weeks along now and we just found out the baby's gender two days ago! Instead of blurting out our baby's sex, we decided to announce it through pictures. We went and got some pictures done yesterday and we'll be showing the pictures real soon!

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