Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pregnancy record: Week 19

Woohoo~ another week has gone by. Some of the big events that happened this week:

1. I am done with my school. I am DONE! No more classes for me forever! I am finished with all of my graduate classes today. I am FREEEEEEEEEE~ Unfortunately, to graduate with a Master's degree, I not only have to finish my coursework, but I also have to complete my MA project and defend it. I haven't done the latter part so I can't graduate yet. I'll be graduating in December though. When that's done, I will be done with school forever. No more school for me. I retire from this school business. I have been a student ever since I was 3. 23 years of schooling! Yuck!!

2. This week I finally felt the baby's kick! It was very distinct and I knew immediately that that was her kick/nudge. When I was in New York a few weeks ago I thought I felt the baby's kick but I guess that was just gas. LOL The nurse practitioner told me that the kicks are usually in the center more, not to the right. So I paid real good attention to the center of my belly and I felt MANY kicks and they truly felt different from gas!

3. We have chosen a name for the little one! Well, we actually have for quite some time now. In the beginning I wanted to keep it a secret til the baby is born but I just can't keep this beautiful name a secret anymore. It's such a pretty name and I love saying it. And so, the name for our little girl is

ARIA WHITING. Aria, Aria, Aria. Oh, I love that name so much! We don't have a middle name for it yet. It is going to be a Chinese name that my dad picks.

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