Friday, May 11, 2012

Pregnancy Record: Week 22

Okay, so I have returned from Hawaii and I realized my blog is in serious need of updating. Hawaii was a blast. I loved it there so much I am considering moving back there. Our babymoon pictures in Hawaii are now on my Facebook page.

I am pretty sure all of you who read my blog have already known that my baby is actually a boy, not a girl. I know. I was as shocked as anybody when I first found out. We were so sure that it was a girl that we went and did a photoshoot to announce her gender and picked a super cute name for her. But I guess when the ultrasound lady tells you it's a 95% chance, she means she is DEFINITELY going to make a mistake. We called the baby Aria for about a month before we went back for a second ultrasound. During the second ultrasound the lady told us she was 100% sure this time that the baby is a boy. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa??? I was upset and doubtful of her because my friend told me that when she was pregnant this ultrasound lady had told her that she was having a boy but when her baby was born it was a girl! So we decided to have another ultrasound when we were in Hawaii (a 3D ultrasound). I want to see his penis FOR SURE. And yes, it is a boy! We are both happy that the baby is healthy regardless of his gender. We also got to sort of see his face during the 3D ultrasound. He was hiding from us the whole time and blocking his face with his little arm, but we got to see him after much probing. I think he is such a rebel! Everytime we go in for ultrasound he is always in some kind of weird positions and refused to put his arm down as if he was protecting his head. I was happy to confirm his gender so I don't have to call him by the wrong name and sending him all the psychological vibes that he's a girl. We went and bought a pair of shoes for him right away and took some pictures on the beach. Also, we are naming him Liam.

Now, a little bit about the mother. I am doing really good. As I have mentioned before my pregnancy has been really easy so far. I am not bragging. I am thankful and amazed at the strong body the Lord has blessed me with. I have also gained more weight, yay! At first I was worried that I might not be eating enough since everyone was telling me how small I am at 5 months and even the nurse practitioner told me to eat more (she may have suggested junk food as well). I feel that I am actually not eating as healthy as I should. I am not eating enough greens and I drank at least a small cup of cola every day a month ago. But now that I have gained 6 more pounds since I last went in to see my OB, I feel more at ease about my weight. The OB told me today that I am carrying my placenta slightly lower than most normal pregnancy. But she said that the placenta might shift as I get further along. I hope that's not something to worry about. I also feel the baby's kick/punch more often and strongly now. Every time I feel the kick I get really excited knowing that he is okay. It's one of the most amazing feeling I have ever felt. I was telling Mr.L about it and I was sorry that he doesn't get to enjoy that awesome sensation. It truly is wonderful to be a woman and a mother. 

While I was in Hawaii, we hit the beach almost everyday. And while on the beach I asked Mr.L to take some pictures of me with my baby bump. He was becoming so good and he was really patient with me too even though I sucked at posing ('s a secret). Here are a few that I really love. See more on Facebook. 

I guess that's all about being pregnant at week 22.

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Jin said...

Hey I have recently been following your blog and I love all your pictures and posts! I too am pregnant with my first child and yes it's a boy. Hope your boy will grow healthy and sound~ Your beach pictures makes me get really excited for my beach getaway that's coming on July~~~