Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pregnancy record: Week 26 & 27

When I first felt my baby's movement, it was during the 16th week. I felt some “brewing" sensation on my right side, kind of like a bowel movement. Wait, maybe it was my bowel movement and I romantically thought that it was the baby. Anyways, I can definitely feel the little one's movement a lot more distinctly now. I still can't really tell if he was using his hands or feet or where his butt or head is though. These few days I felt like being kung-fu kicked or punched from the inside, like there was a series of rapid drumming movement. Also sometimes I felt him shift position, like he was dragging his body from the middle to my right side. One time while I was feeling his movement, I looked down at my belly and I saw my belly moved! I was like, "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa???" But it was so interesting to watch. I kept watching for a few more minutes for more movement and I saw the wave-like movement at the bottom of my belly button. Sometimes, it looks like an earthquake cause my belly would have a slight but rapid shake movement. Am I enjoying it? Absolutely! I love feeling my little man doing whatever he is doing inside of me and I love that I could watch from the outside and guess what he is up to. It makes me really happy! It's my favorite past time now. I even tried to record the movement with my phone. I got some pretty nice footage but I would love to get more better footage as my belly grow bigger and the baby is stronger.

This week I was told that the baby is growing steadily during my monthly visit to my OB. I am also at128 pounds now. A few Korean students that I tutored at work (a couple of weeks ago before I quit) was so surprised when they found out I was pregnant. The surprised look you get from Koreans are epic. It's totally like what you see in the drama: jaw dropped, wide-eyes, and the "HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" noise that escaped their mouth. It was really funny.

I had a dream last night that I gave birth to my baby without feeling ANY pain. In my dream I was asking Mr.L how come I didn't feel any pain and why couldn't I remember my labor. He told me I was given epidural and that the epidural somehow wiped my memory of the delivery process. I remember feeling really sad that I couldn't remember giving birth to my child. LOL. I guess I really do look forward to the labor and all the crazy stuff that goes along with it. I am not sure how painful it is going to be but I think I would like to feel all of it and be as involved in it as I possibly can. I am keeping an open mind and not saying no to epidural but I also want to try to give birth as drug-free as I can handle. 13 more weeks to go, wish me luck!


Jules said...

You're so cute!! Isn't it SO much fun feeling him move?? It's so weird and cool and feels awesome - plus it's reassuring! Love you lots Eee!!

Nikki said...

Yes at this time you can expect more baby movements... I hope you are enjoying those.