Monday, July 02, 2012

Pregnancy record: Week 28 & Week 29

This week I feel like a big balloon, about to pop. The baby is the size of a butternut squash. Sometimes I feel like my belly is crushing my ribs and lungs, making breathing a little difficult when I am not sitting up right. Baby has a new movement this week. Hiccups! I felt his hiccups many times! At first I thought that was his heartbeat but I don't think a baby's heartbeat can be felt on my belly if I needed to use the heartbeat monitor to hear it. So I looked up the internet and I realized the rhythmatic spasm is from the baby's hiccuping. Sometimes when the baby stretches or turns close to my belly button, it kinda hurts. I am not sure what he is doing but I think that my belly too tight for him to do his thing. He is definitely getting strong. 

A couple of months ago when we found out that our baby was a boy, we also found out that the position of my placenta was kinda low. It was called placenta previa. I read that Asian women, women who are carrying male infants, and pregnant women who are living in high altitudes tend to get placenta previa. They don't really know why though. But as you can probably tell already, I fit those three categories. I was really worried about it because if my placenta covers my cervix, I may need to get a C-section, and I DON'T want a C-section!! So my OB ordered another ultrasound test for me last week to see if my placenta has moved. Thank God it moved! So, no placenta previa for me. Yay!

I also got my glucose test done last week. The result: no diabetes (YES!), and borderline anemic (Boo!). So I guess I don't have to cut back on carbs and I need to eat more red-meat and spinach. My OB prescribed an iron supplement for me too. After I found out I was "almost anemic", I went online to read about being anemic during pregnancy and what that means. What I found out was if you're anemic during your pregnancy, it could cause preterm labor and low-weight baby, and "It's also associated with a higher risk of stillbirth or newborn death" ( !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't let that happen! Also, it is linked to postpartum depression, loss of too much blood during labor which leads to blood transfusion, and so on. So I guess this can be pretty serious. many things can go wrong during pregnancy.

Some of the fun things we did in the past two weeks: 
~ Seven Peaks water park. I couldn't go on the slides so we went in the lazy river and lay on our two-persons tube round and round the river while watching other people going down the slides. It was fun to watch from down below since I am not very comfortable with heights.
~ Utah's Parade of Homes. We went and saw 4 houses in one afternoon. We fell in love with the house selling for $1 million. Dream big, right?
~ Kite flying in Sugar House park. We hadn't seen our friends, June and Chris, in a few months and so we decided to spend a Saturday kite-flying at the park with them. It was really nice to hang out again and to catch up on our lives. It was definitely the best Saturday we've had in a while.

Week 28

Week 29


Lia said...

You're such a cute pregnant lady!!!!!

Nikki said...

Is this 29 weeks pregnant bump... looking like more. As well you are looking lovely.

Nikki Yoder said...

Sharon! You look sooooo adorable! Oh man, you are one of those model pregnant women. It doesn't look like you have gained any fat. I could tell that I had a lot of fat/water weight with my pregnancy, but not as bad as a lot of women.

I'm very excited to see you at your baby shower.

Baby hiccups are so funny! Does Liam's last a while? Cove's would last a long time and he would get them about 3 times a day in my belly.

After he was born, he would get them about once or twice a day. And he doesn't like hiccups, lol.