Saturday, July 07, 2012

Pregnancy record: Week 30 + July 4th

Gasp!!!! 10 more weeks, or less to go. Mamma mia! I kinda don't want my pregnancy to be over. I have enjoyed having a baby living inside of me and kicking me so much I don't really want this whole experience to end. Like I mentioned before, this pregnancy has been pretty easy and I truly did and do enjoy every single moment of it, including the lost of appetite for food in the first trimester, the constant nasal congestion in the second trimester, and now the less-than-comfortable Braxton Hicks in my third trimester.What I love most about being pregnant is feeling close to my son. I want to protect him and keep me safe and snug inside of me. I enjoy watching my belly moves every day. I don't even mind going to the bathroom every five minutes. I am blessed. I truly love being pregnant. By the way, the baby is about 3 pounds (the size of a head of cabbage) and about 15.7 inches now. How is it that the baby is only 3 pounds when I have already gained more than 20 pounds?

I watched yet another labor video today. After watching it, I want my baby to stay inside of me forever! The video was muted so I couldn't hear the woman cry or scream, but I imagine that was what she was doing the entire time during her labor. The following part is kinda gross so if you're easily grossed-out, skip to the next paragraph. Okay, while she was laying down on her back, legs up in the air, knees towards her torso, and pushing really hard, the doctor gave her an episiotomy. And then blood gushed out. I cried a little when I saw that. This is the part I dreaded most. Then, the baby's head was forcing its way out and the neck or the shoulders were stuck. So the doctor PULLED on the baby's head and pushed on the woman's buttock to get the baby out. The baby looked blue. At this point, I was covering my mouth from screaming and crying. Poor baby! He looked like he was out of air! Can't the doctors be more gentle??? Poor mommy, the damages done to her bagingo after all the yanking! After about a minute of pushing and pulling (like tug-o-war), the baby sort of "flowed" out of the mother. Whew! A happy ending. But it also made me reconsider c-section. Maybe, just maybe, I can opt for a C-section! Wait, I can't. The nurse at the BYU health center told me C-section is not optional unless your are not fit for giving birth naturally. Okay. Maybe no c-section, but I think I will have the doctor get the epidural ready. If possible, morphine. Just drug me. I don't want to feel the scissors cutting my bagingo. Questions to my mamma friends, does your bagingo feel or look the same after labor? How long does it take for it to go back to being its normal, pretty self? 

Mr.L and I went and got Tdap vaccine today. It is to protect against whooping cough or pertussis. I first read about pertussis on a friend's blog. She had lost her baby to pertussis. I talked to many nurses and my OB and they all recommended me getting the Tdap shot before the baby comes. I read a lot about pertussis and I decided both Mr.L and I need to get one shot when I am in my last trimester. So we did. When we went in today, we were told by two nurses that we should tell our family and friends who will have close contact to the baby to get the shot. There were about 200 cases of pertussis in Utah county in the first four months of the year already. Pertussis may not be dangerous to adults but it is deadly to newborn and children 1 year old and below. Please get the shot if you intend to come visit and hold our baby. I know I sound so paranoid and anal but I just can't take the chance.

Okay, I am switching the topic to July 4th. I know it's weird to be talking about childbirth and the Independence day on the same post, but well, these events happen on the same week, so...

July 4th was a fun day for us. I guess it was particularly fun because I didn't just let the day sneak up on me like I used to in the past few years. This time I actually make preparation for it. It would've been nice if we have more family close by so we could do BBQ or picnic together. I was researching for things to do on July 4th for 2 people but I couldn't find anything! So we went and watched the biggest July 4th parade in Utah right down the road from our apartment. Needless to say there were so many people there. I heard that there were like 300,000 people on the stretch of University Avenue. We watched the parade for like two hours and decided to go to Denny's for breakfast before the parade was over. Then we went to Provo Canyon to dip or feet in the cold Bridal Fall water. We also went and got some sparklers. At night, we watched the Stadium of Fire fireworks from the field opposite the MTC. Fireworks are so pretty! Before we went to bed that night we played with the sparklers we bought outside our apartment at our parking lot. We weren't sure if fireworks were allowed in Wymount Terrace but we did it anyway.

I was wearing a shirt that I DIYed the night before. 


Mr.L's school

This cracks me up! 

Can you tell what he was trying to light-paint?

Happy July 4th!


Kymberly Williams said...

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Lia said...

AH! I can't believe you're watching labor videos! It would make me so scared!
I also can't believe you like having a baby in you! I think it would be like an alien! Ah!

Okay . . . obviously I'm not ready to have children. . . haha.

Eunice said...

Hi, I have just stumbled onto your blog and really enjoyed reading your posts. Thanks for sharing your pregnancy journey with us. I am 16 weeks pregnant with my first child, and I am scared of the actual labor too! I can't even bring myself to watch a labor video. I'm already freaked out just reading about the birth process!