Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pregnancy record: Week 33

7 more weeks til the baby is born. I am having mixed feelings about that. Actually I am not sure how I feel. I know that things are going to be so different once the baby comes and I hope both Mr.L and me and ready for the change. I guess I am a little anxious about having another person living with us and needing us all the time. I am a bit worried that I might neglect my husband, who I love spending time with (I always tell him I wish that we were joined together so I could be with him ALL THE TIME!). I am also worried about being a mommy. I mean, I don't know what to do when a baby cries!! I don't know how to hold a baby properly either! I am amazed at mothers who can tell from their babies' cries or facial expressions what they want or whether they are comfortable or not. I know that I should expect not having enough sleep and being tired most of the time but I secretly hope that my baby sleeps through the night every single night and for 8 hours straight! I am pretty sure I am going to need A LOT of help from my family and my husband. Who knows, you may get a call from me one day and I'll be crying on the phone asking for your advice.

The baby is getting bigger and bigger. At 33 weeks, he is the size of a durian fruit. He is about 4-5 pounds now. His kicks and jabs hurt a little, especially when I am laying flat on my back. He hiccups a lot! I feel the spasms a few times a day. Every morning for the past three days, I was woken up by his hiccups. So cute! I wonder if he's going to hiccups so much when he's born. What do I do with a hiccuping baby???

I have also developed a pain in my pelvic/thigh area so severe that it hurt everytime I walk and lift my legs. I have to walk really slowly now, with my legs apart, like a duck. I also have to sit down to put on my pants and get in the bathtub REALLY slowly so as to not aggravate the pain. I am not sure what is really happening to that area of my body. I don't have back pain like most pregnant women, but this pelvic pain is really bothering me. I went to see a chiropractor a few days ago and his adjustment kinda helped ease the pain a little and I can walk a lot better now. But I am going back to see him so he could do more adjustments to makes the pain go away. He told us that the average labor takes about 19 hours but his wife's labor was only 4 hours because he was doing adjustments on her body throughout her pregnancy. That's pretty impressive.

I had a vivid dream about my labor last night. In my dream, I went to the bathroom and saw that I was bleeding a little down there. So I immediately told Mr.L we had to go to the hospital. But for some reason, I really wanted to stop at a water park and play in the water a little bit before we went to the hospital. I kept telling Mr.L, "I am so hot, I just want to get in the water." After the water park, we got to the hospital and there were some family there and I was like "I don't want you guys to watch me give birth," so they all went outside and watch from the open window. Then we waited for a long time for my OB to get there so I was getting a little pissed. I was all, "Where the FRICK is the doctor?" And the nurses didn't know. Mr.L was with me the whole time, propping me up from behind so I could sit up on the bed. I kept telling him I was scared. Then the OB came and I felt my first contraction. I was so excited I told Mr.L "I finally know what a contraction feels like! It hurts!" Then the doctor asked me to push so I pushed and she held up a ginormous scissors. I begged her not to give me an episiotomy and I went, "You promised! You promised you won't cut me!!!" She said if she doesn't cut me then my baby won't be able to breathe. So I told her to go ahead and cut. Then I felt my second contraction and I pushed the baby out. I was so exhausted but so happy to see my baby. He was very long, like as long as my arms. The doctor put him in my arms and he was wearing the outfit that I picked out for his homecoming. I was a little angry that he wasn't cleaned before they put him in the cute outfit that says, "I love Mommy." He had black hair and brown eyes just like me. He had light skin and his face was so adorable. I kissed him over and over. Then I woke up. It was a very interesting dream, one that I hope to remember forever.

Anyways, these two weeks were super fun! I had my second baby shower at Toquerville. My mother-in-law is TEH best! She organized and put everything together so nicely. She truly made me feel loved. She even got the richest chocolate cake that I still think about daily. I am so lucky to be married to her son! I got so many presents from this shower and I love everything that everybody gave us. It truly helped us out a lot. I know that little babies don't need much, but there are still a few things that they need that are expensive. So thank you so much for all your sweet wishes and gifts.

We got some pictures done while at Toquerville. This is my favorite spot for picture. I was at 32 weeks.

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