Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pregnancy record: Week 36

Remember how in the beginning and middle of my pregnancy everyone, even my OB, was telling me to eat more cause I wasn't gaining enough weight? Well, I have gained 37 pounds my whole pregnancy so far. I am sure I am going to gain some more weight every day til the baby is born. I think he went through a growth spurt in the last trimester cause my belly suddenly grew way big and I am putting on pounds like crazy. When I asked my OB if I am putting on too much weight, she said I was above average. Boohoo~~~

I was reading about prelabor symptoms in the What to Expect When You Are Expecting book and this particular symptom makes me laugh: "An uncontrollable urge to scrub floors and clean out closets has been related to the 'nesting instinct,' in which the female of the species--that's you--prepares the nest for the impending arrival." This is totally me! Our apartment was so messy with things piling up and we have no place to eat dinner. We have a dining table that's full of stuff like unopened letters, crackers, cookware, and my beach hat and our coffee table in the living room has all of my pregnancy books , my piano lesson books, plant pots, pens, and my ukulele. We have this little fold-able table that I use as my work desk (my laptop fits nicely on it) and that's what we use as our dining table now. LOL! Apart from those horizontal spaces, I cleaned pretty much everything else in the apartment. The office, our bedroom, the bathroom, kitchen, and living room are all pretty clean (except for the tables), and I did many loads of laundry and washed sheets and blankets. I even cleaned the fan! The most fun thing about cleaning the apartment is we got to put in Liam's crib too! He will be staying in our bedroom for at least the first month while my mom and sister are here to visit. I CAN'T wait to put him in his crib and watch him sleep.

Apart from cleaning, we did some fun things this past week too. We went to Cedar City to watch Les Miserable musical. It was so good it brought tears to our eyes. I was so happy to have gotten the tickets because I heard it was sold out every single night. I love the Utah Shakespearean festival. It reminded me of all the Shakespearean plays that I used to read. Now that I have seen Les Mis musical, I can't wait to see the movie version of it that's coming out this Christmas season. I saw the trailer for it and I know I am going to enjoy it. I can't wait to hear Hugh Jackman sing! And the best thing is he is playing Jean Valjean. Now I really can't wait for Christmas to be here.

Here are some of my Instagram photos. They pretty much sum up what my days were like in the past couple of weeks.

I bought these all natural baby products from Honest Co., by Jessica Alba. 

I am IN LOVE with their baby diapers. They are plant-based,  biodegradable, totally stylish, and  about the same price as other diapers in the market. I bought one packet to try out.

Shopping for toilet papers at Walmart. It is REALLY EMBARRASSING driving that cart around, but I did it. My pelvic bone hurt too much. Oh, we run out of toilet papers SO QUICK. I could use one roll in 2 days.

This is what I have been craving--Coney's Frozen Custard. They say it is the best ice cream in the state of Utah.
I believe it. 

At the Green show of Utah Shakespearean Festival at Southern Utah University. 

Right before the Les Mis musical. Mm-hmm...I can see where all the fat goes. My face!


Another craving. 

And another one.

My weight chart. Above average. People normally gain about 25-35pounds. I gained 37 . 


Nikki Yoder said...

Watching that cute little baby sleep is THE BEST! I still go into our bedroom here and there (before our bedtime) to watch our little guy sleep. They are just so precious! Sometimes it can be hard to enjoy every minute of it, but enjoy as much as you can.

They really do grow up fast, and even though there can be frustrating things throughout each day, there are still those wonderful moments with your little one to enjoy.

That's kind of cool that you got to ride in one of those carts, lol! At least you had an excuse. ;)

gene bernice said...
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Chantelle said...

I'm so excited for Hugh Jackman too!! If Tom and I come out for Christmas break you and I are going to see it. Coral Cliffs Cinema 8 baby.

And did you know that Tom's cousins were in the play? His cousin Melinda played Fantine I think, and I'm not sure who Brian played. I'm jealous you guys got to go!

I can't wait for your belly to pop :)

Lisa said...

Just looking wonderful and wobbly! 21 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms