Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Pregnancy record: Week 34

Time is ticking away. I've got about 6 weeks before my precious gets here. That is, if he decides to come on time, instead of being early or late. I am hoping he would come sometime on the 39th week or closer to his due date so that I won't have to be induced.

As I said, I don't have much time left before I enter the real world of motherhood. People always tell me to learn on the job and through trials and errors. I see the merit in that but I am a little scared of that approach at the same time. I know that there's no avoiding learning-as-you-go-and-pick-things-up-on-the-way since that's how life's supposed to be, but I'd also like to learn early and be prepared for whatever situation I may face. To be honest though, I am not frantically learning because I am worried about taking care of a newborn, I just think it is so useful to be armed with knowledge. People say ignorance is bliss but I like "knowledge is power" better. 

Anyways, to prepare for the baby's arrival, I busy myself in reading A LOT of stuff on the internet. I mean, I am so free all the time I might as well learn something useful while I am surfing the net, right? I am reading so many things all at once that I feel like my eyes are going to go blind soon. At one point, I have like 35 different tabs opened on Chrome and all of a sudden it quit on me. I almost cried. Then I remember that Chrome lets you open up ALL of your previous tabs. Hallelujah! But I learned the lesson. I bookmarked a few pages and closed a lot of them so my computer wouldn't get overloaded. So what is it that I am reading about? I read blog posts by mothers (old mothers, new mothers) and visited medical websites to learn about sicknesses common among babies and home remedies for those sicknesses (that's how I learn about gripe water. It seems to be a must-have for babies). Then, I went on different photographers' websites to learn about newborn photography. I also watched Youtube videos about how to burp, bath, swaddle, and hold a baby. To be honest, I am terrified of holding little babies. They look so flimsy and fragile! What if I drop my baby? Aaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

I am also reading about how to get your baby to sleep through the night. I know that it is not an easy task and I pray and hope that my baby would be one of those babies that would sleep for hours without waking up. Sleep is SO important for me. Ever since I was a teenager, I love to sleep. It was my hobby. I could sleep from 10pm to 8am or later and would still take naps from 2pm to 5pm. I was awake less time than when I was asleep. I would rather sleep than to go do things with my friends. That's how much I love sleep. When I get sleep-deprived, you would not want to be around me. I become cranky and grouchy and I can't function at all. So, I am reading 4 books on sleep-training now(2 e-books, 1 Kindle book on my iPhone, and an audio book from the library). There seriously are so many books on infant sleep out there and every single one seems to be working for some people. I hope that since I am reading so many, at least one method would work on Liam.

This week Liam is getting SO big. He is seriously taking up so much space. Not only do I have to go to the bathroom every 2 minutes, my pelvic pain is worse! At first the chiropractor's adjustments worked, but after two adjustments this week, he decided my hips won't stay in place and he is ordering a brace for me to wear. I get full very quickly too. I can only eat small meals or snacks now. I was looking in the mirror just now and I just don't know how it could get so big and not explode. Liam is very active nowadays too! I can "play" with him now. Like I would drum on my belly to get him to kick or punch, and he would respond! It's so funny to watch him move. I have been trying to capture his movement for the longest time and everytime I reached for my phone he would stop. But this week I was finally able to record his actions on my phone. I got Mr.L to join in for the fun too! It's so cool to be able to interact with even before he was born.


Lia said...

Oh man, I cannot wait to meet Liam! I hope we'll be able to see each other around Christmas again!

Nikki Yoder said...

Wow Sharon! He is quite the mover!! Cove poked a lot, but didn't do a whole lot of moving like that. Your are giving me back my memories of the pregnancy days. It's weird, but I can't even remember how it feels to have him in my belly anymore.

Can't wait to meet Liam!

Jules said...

awwww those are such cute videos!! Isn't that such a col feeling?! I tried to get videos of Troy moving in my belly but he never wanted to cooperate, lol. Of course as soon as the camera was off he'd start doing somersaults though, hah!