Monday, September 03, 2012

Pregnancy Record: Week 38

Holy cow! I didn't realize there's only 10 more days til Liam's official due date! I've been counting weeks but now there's less than 2 weeks left! I want this baby out already. Seriously, I cannot wait to have my body back! While anxiously awaiting Liam's arrival, I managed to do some fun stuff. First of all, I finished some craft projects that I've wanted to do for the longest time. I made my first plush toy for my boy and some embroidery hoops art for the wall over his changing table.

Mr.L and I went to Midway for Swiss Day last Friday. It was pretty fun even though we didn't see the yodeling and the pageant. There were so many craft stalls there that sell so many fun and cute things that I deemed overpriced. But seeing those crafts gave me inspiration for my next projects.

I also went and volunteer for the TRC program at the MTC with my friend. It was a long time since I last spoke Malay so I was pretty rusty at it. My speaking is the worst! There were so many words that I know how to say in English or Chinese but I forgot how to say them in Malay. The gospel terms were especially hard for me since I was taught the gospel in English and Singapore mission used to be an English speaking mission.  Some of the missionaries who "taught" me during the TRC were struggling with the language and I could see frustration and even embarrassment on their faces. It was really humbling to see them trying so hard to speak and teach in a foreign language though. It strengthened my testimony in the missionary work and I know that it is the work of the Lord to bring the gospel to everyone in the world.

On labor day, which is today, I slept in til 12pm, ate breakfast at Denny's, went to Provo Canyon, went shopping for food, took a short nap, had a barbeque dinner with Tyler and Jordyn, and played ultimate frisbees to induce labor. So far, no contraction yet. But it must be getting close, for my pelvic pain has returned with a vengeance.

I know that this post is getting long, but I just want to say something about my husband before the baby comes and my memory becomes fuzzy. Even though he can't carry the baby for me and feel the physical pains that I feel, Mr.L has been there with me through the whole pregnancy. He tries his hardest to make my life easy every single day. Ever since I got pregnant, he stopped letting me carry heavy stuff, like groceries and detergent. LOL. Sometimes I joked that he was treating me like a handicapped person. I think the reason he did that was I "showered" him with stories I heard about people getting miscarriages because they carry heavy stuff. My bad. He talks to Liam everyday, which I think is really really adorable. He would say stuff like, "Wow, Liam! Your mommy is getting fat!" (I am pretty sure he was joking...or else!) or "Liam, do you know that your mommy is gorgeous?" Sweet things like that just made me so glad I married him. 

He helps out around the house like doing laundry and dishes all the time. He made me oatmeal when I was hungry at 1am and took me to seven peaks even when it was cloudy (I came to realize how much he dislikes being cold). When I told him I was bored and I wanted to travel, he took me to Hawaii and drove 13 hours each way with me to Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver. When I was sad and cried for hours, he held me, comforted me, and prayed with me. When I was upset that he played his online games with his friends "too much", he cut his game short so he could come to bed early. Heck, when I said I wanted a baby, he gave me a baby! He almost never says no to me. I get everything I ask for. In the 3 and a half year of our marriage, he gave everything he has and never really asked for anything in return. Sometimes I wish he would tell me what he wants so I can repay him and feel like a good wife when I do. Going through this pregnancy together has really strengthen our relationship and helped me appreciate him more.

This may be my last belly shot! It's actually 38 weeks and 4 days (almost 39 weeks)


Jordyn Whiting said...

I didn't know you went to Swiss Days! I was there too :) Not surprising I didn't see you though, there were a TON of people!

Anonymous said...

You make a beautiful Baby Mama. That was a nice tribute to Leighton. I am very happy and excited for you both. Guess what, I have a new calling, Nursery Worker! I love it.

Zane, Liam can just call me Grandpa,