Saturday, September 29, 2012

Week 2 with Baby Liam

Our little prince is two weeks old now. He's grown so much since we last went to the doctor's office for his bilirubin level check-up, which is last week. Today I took him to the doctor's office again. It was for his two week check up this time. I think all newborns are required to do this. At the check-up, he got his weight, height, and head circumference measured. Guess what? He went from 8 pounds 3 ounces last week to 9 pounds 6.5 ounces this week!! Fatty bum bum. He is 22cm long now, which is 2cm longer than his birth length. His head circumference is same as last week, which is 35cm, and that put him in the 24 percentile. I wonder if this means that his brain is too small. The number is so disconcerting sometimes since I don't really know what they mean. But since the doctor didn't mention anything about it, maybe it is not something to worry about. The doctor did say that his weight looks good and if he's gaining weight then we are feeding him enough. He also said Liam is healthy. That is the most important thing for me.

Apart from gaining weight, the growing Liam:

-is still looking quite yellow even though his bilirubin level has dropped and is no longer 'very high'. I get so offended when people say he looks yellow because he is half Asian. First off, his skin is yellow because he isn't pooping enough to get rid of his bilirubin (this is what the doctor said). Second, even though I am fully Asian, my skin is not as yellow as his. So I think it is ridiculous that people would think that the whites of his eyes has some yellow tint because he is half Asian. Also, I find it crazy that some people think only Asians get jaundice! Ignorant much?
-he's still unsure of his bath.
-he flings his arms like he's startled in his sleep when he's not swaddled.
-he's eating every one and a half hour to two hours. I am pretty sure he's going through a growth spurt cause he seems so hungry ALL the time!
-he sighs when he's being fed. Pretty sure those are happy sighs.
-he likes to be held and pat on his back.
-he's starting tummy time and he seems to like it. He's only fussed once when placed on his tummy.
-his neck is getting stronger and he always lifts himself up with his palms and neck to look around when we hold him on our chest.
-he likes to look towards bright light.
-he's very curious and when he's awake, he'd open his eyes wide and look around quietly. The nurse at the health center said she's amazed that he's so alert.
-he smiles in his sleep a lot. My mom said angels were playing with him in his sleep. How sweet!

Cutest diaper on the cutest butt. 

Going out on a walk 

He was so sleepy he zonked out on my arm and would not stir even in this uncomfortable position

He starts to get more interested in toys.

Yup! He holds his own bottle at 2 weeks old! It's amazing!

This is how he usually holds his arms when he sleeps, as if defending himself. 

2 week check up

He seems to like the swing


Lia said...

I'm glad you are still blogging so frequently even with little Liam around!

Also, SUCH cute diapers!!!

Jules said...

Awwww little Liam sounds like he is growing so fast!! And getting so strong! Troy used to push his head up off our shoulders, too, and look around when he was a few weeks old - someone told me that there is an old wives tale that says that when babies do that they are "movin' over for the next one" hahaha! I was still at the, "never in my life am I going through labor again" mode, so I just told them that wasn't likely, lol.
Oh I just can't get enough- I wish I could hold him and hug you!!

LittleMissSeamstress said...

Liam is so adorable. I just went into 37 weeks and can't quite grasp the idea that my lil man can come out any day... any day... I too have that same swing "Bright Starts Ingenuity Cradle and swing" Hope my boy will like it too. Again, congratulation and love reading your blog~

Nikki Yoder said...

Oh man he is so cute. Holding his own bottle? Wowza! Super smart baby! ;D

And man, he is chunkin' up fast! :D You are going to LOOOOVE those chunks. They are so fun to pinch and kiss. Hehe.

Liam is a tall one! I think he's an inch taller than Cove was at his age.