Wednesday, October 31, 2012

High school nostalgia

I was on Facebook tonight as usual and was just looking at the newsfeeds to see what people are up to. Suddenly, something caught my eye. It was a picture of my high school friend. I clicked on the picture and read the comments posted. Then I saw another familiar face. It was an acquaintance from high school. Well, actually, he was one of the handsome boys I used to secretly feed my eyes on. Anyways, he wasn't one of my Facebook friends so I couldn't really see his wall. But I was able to see his photos. So there I was, clicking through his profile pics and speed-reading the comments on each photo (he doesn't have that many photos, ok?). After not seeing him since we graduated high school, I found out through my stalking that he lives in Australia, and is married to an Aussie girl. My jaw dropped. For some reasons, I could not believe that he would marry a white girl. No. I am not saying anything negative about white girls, nor am I implying that their marriage is bad or anything like that. I guess I have always pictured him with a Chinese girl, from our hometown. Anyways, I continued to "stalk" him by clicking on more pictures, guessed who his wife was, clicked on her profile, flipped through her pictures, clicked on the link to her blog, read some of her blog posts, watched some of their videos, and *gasp!!!!* followed her on instagram. After all the stalking, I felt like I know a lot about them even though I've never met her and I have never ever talked to him in my life. The Internet makes "stalking" so easy and it is rather scary! But that's a topic for another day.

Seeing this acquaintance reminded me of my high school year. I hated being in high school. I hated the loose and unflattering uniform that I had to wear every single day. I hated boys in my class calling me names. I hated physics class where my teacher yapped yapped yapped about momentum, inertia, and blah blah. I hated failing physics. I hated taking 10 subjects and studying so hard for them and still only gotten 6 As. I hated being unpopular. I hated all the rules and dress codes (uniform, tie and name tag, white shoes and white crew socks, ponytail, no make-up, no jewelry). I hated that apart from school and after-school classes, we didn't get to do anything else. There was no school dance or parties or games. We had a yearly school concert and I was in the choir (mm-hmm...I was that nerdy) and they didn't even notice I was gone when I skipped one of the performances. I hated my principal who I think was a psychopath (he was so stinking strict! He slapped students who he hated, called them horrible names, and made fun of them during the assembly. He was the main reason I feared going to school every day). I hated that while a lot of my friends had boyfriends, I wasn't allowed to date. I hated that the boy that I had a crush on for two years led me to believe he liked me, but asked one of my best friends out. I hated being naive, nerdy, and shy. I was so plain and high school was so boring. In short, high school was NOT great for me.

If I could redo high school, I am pretty sure it would be different. Not that I would be popular or ace all of my classes, but I sure would try to like it more by focusing on the positives. Positive things like the delicious canteen food, the beach that my best friends and I go to before our afternoon classes started, the gossip about our juniors or seniors, the boys we were so madly in love with, the new books in the school library, and being naive and young. Also, I would be a totally different person. I would dare break some less offensive rules. I would stand up to the boys who called me names. I might even punch them. I would be more outspoken and not run away when the boy I liked talked to me. I would study less hard and flirt more. I would be fearless.

I guess high school will always be an important part of me. I have learned so much from my friends, teachers, acquaintances, and myself. I have learned that while it was all I knew back then, there is life after high school. A wonderful life with a great husband, a cute son, and much more awesomeness to come.

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