Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Week 6 with Liam

I love Fall. It's one of the things I like about Utah. The changing leaves always signify the coming of the holidays. The last three months of the year are the most exciting time. I look forward to the cool weather so I could wear my coats, beanies, scarves, and boots.

I am not sure how much Liam is enjoying Fall, but we are starting to take him out on walks now. He's growing up so fast! I can't believe he is already 6 weeks old.

The growing Liam:
He laughs in his sleep.
He makes noises while he eats.
He makes meowing noises when he's bored.
He takes several 30-minute naps every day.
He loves staring at our wedding portrait in the living room. He would turn his head to try to look for it.
He doesn't like to get changed. He would pull his legs straight so I won't be able to fasten his diaper.
He enjoys the dangling toys above his swing and his play mat and sometimes he reaches out to touch them.
He is no longer afraid of taking baths. He likes kicking his legs when I put him in the water.

He is able to lift and hold his head for a few minutes when he's put on his tummy.
He is eating very well (almost no spit-ups), burps well, and poos and pees well.
He is reaching all of the weekly milestones.
My fav is he coos and smiles.

Last week was an eventful week for us. First, I took him shopping for his winter clothes. He slept the whole time in the stroller. I got a lot of cute outfits for him on sale at Baby Gap. He is going to be so stylish! The next day we went and had breakfast with one of my dear friend, Lia, and her mom at a new crepe place in Orem. The crepes were really good and the restaurant was cute. He slept almost the whole time but he woke up to meet Lia for a little while. He got a new outfit and a cute pillow from her. That night, we dressed up as vampires and went to Riverwoods shopping center to see the pumpkins display. It was our only excuse to dress up. We gave Liam a vampire fangs pacifier so he could be our baby vampire. I can't wait til he's older so we can put him in costumes. On Sunday, we got up early because our church meeting starts at 8.30am. I was tempted to just stay home but it was Liam's baby blessing day. He got a sweet blessing from his daddy. Mr.L blessed him with health and strength, patience and kindness, empathy for others, curiosity to learn about the gospel and the desire to serve a mission when he grows up. He also blessed Liam that he would be able to make friends easily, gain his testimony, find a sweet spirit to be married to. In the end, Mr.L told Liam that he'd be an example to his parents and younger siblings(Okay. Younger siblings. REALLY? More kids?? @_@). Mr.L invited his brother, the bishopric, our home teacher, and his best friend to join in to give Liam his first ever blessing. I was really nervous about him crying so I tried feeding him so he could fall asleep before going up. But he only drank half the bottle before he had to go and he was wide awake. Even though he was awake the whole time, he did not cry or fuss when he was up in the front being surrounded by so many people. I was so proud of him!

I love my baby more and more each day. I kiss his fat cheeks every chance I get. He is growing up way too quickly and I wish I could slow down time so I can love him longer. I am thankful I get to know him better and enjoy his cuteness everyday.

Wearing matching vest for his baby blessing

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