Monday, December 31, 2012

Baby Liam: 3 months

All right, I lost track on how old Liam is. Weeks old, I meant. So I am going to stop counting his age by weeks. Anyways, my little bambino is 3 months old! Holy cow! Where did the time go? I thought I would be bored out of my mind staying home with an infant but man do the days go by fast. It still feels surreal that I am a mom after all this time.

Liam is truly a wonderful baby. At three months, he has developed the habit of eating his hands. He'd try really hard to put his whole fist in his mouth. He always grunts and smacks his lips when he realized his fist is too big for his mouth. But that doesn't stop him from trying. He also does this after he's eaten, so it gets confusing sometimes. He even does this in his sleep and that always wakes him up. Silly boy!

Sometimes I feel so undeserving to be his mama. He is a piece of heaven. He's so cute and he smiles so widely every morning when he wakes up and sees our faces. I feel bad that everytime he's ready to start the day, I am not. I usually try to make him go sleep some more or just let him stay in his crib for a few more minutes before taking him out. He's always fine with that. He'd stare at his mobile or his name on the wall and be content. Sometimes after he'd woken up from his naps, he wouldn't even make a peep. When he gets bored he'd coo and 'talk,' as if saying, 'Come pick me up! I'm done laying down. My head is getting flat! and I don't want to have flat head!'

His neck is getting so strong now. He's always trying to pull himself up with his neck. It's so funny to see sometimes. He loves to do that in the car seat especially. We love to put him on our lap in a sitting position and watch TV with him that way. I am not sure if he watches the TV with us, but he usually stays quiet for a pretty long time. I hope we don't turn him into a couch potato one day!

He still dislikes tummy time. His holds his neck up well but I guess he just doesn't like his tummy being on the floor. He still sleeps on my chest, with his tummy against mine. So I guess he is still getting some tummy time?   Oh, one thing that I think is funny is when he's on his tummy or when he sit him up, he starts drooling like crazy! He also likes to look down a lot. Everytime we sit him up he'd let his head drop slightly and just look at the ground, and drool.

Liam also breathes really loudly. He's in the bedroom and I'm out here in the living room. The fan/AC in the bedroom is on and that thing is pretty loud. But I can still hear him breath! Sometimes his nose gets so congested he has a hard time breathing. He'd cry then. But that seems to only make it worse. I have to try several things to get him to calm down and clear his nose. Man! I wish I know how to prevent his nose from getting congested. We already have a humidifier in the bedroom and I turn the central heating system down so it won't blow dry air on our faces every few minutes. Sometimes I wish I could just suck out all the phlegm in his throat. It makes me so sad to see him struggling to breathe! What should I do? Should I get him a pillow to sleep on? Should we elevate his mattress? I seriously think that Liam is a tropical baby like me. Utah is way too dry for us. We need 80% humidity in the air all the time!!

Oh, Liam is having some skin problem. He has cradle cap and that seems to bother him cause he scratches his head any chance he gets. If we don't swaddle him when he goes to sleep, he'd scratch his head in his sleep. Sometimes he was able to break out of the swaddle (that baby is strong!) and scratched his head and face til they bleed in some spots. Every morning I wake up seeing a new scab on his face or his scalp. I might see one tomorrow morning! But his cradle cap doesn't look bad at all. There's no yellow sticky thing that sticks to his scalp and he doesn't seem to have red rashes either. He has a little bit of flaky dandruff but other than that I don't know what's making his head itch. His face has some pretty red, rough patches though. They look like eczema to me but I've used eczema cream on them and they are still there! I tried using eucerin like the doctor said but there's no improvement either. Those red patches seem to get extra red and irritated when he cries.

Okay, one last bit about Liam before this post gets TOO long. He is outgrowing A LOT of his clothes. I mean, I'm putting new clothes on him almost every day. And I am buying new clothes for him every chance I get. He hates hates hates to have his clothes put on. It's always a battle putting his clothes on after his bath. Fortunately, mommy always wins. For now. Hopefully he'll learn to love getting his clothes put on as he grows older. That, or I'll have to start lifting weights to get some muscles to 'wrestle' him to put his clothes on.

I was gonna talk about some of the things we did preparing for Christmas, but that'll have to wait til next time. Talking about Liam means having no time to talk about anything else. Oh, motherhood.

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