Monday, January 07, 2013

Liam's first Chirstmas!

Christmas 2012 was really fun. It was Liam's first, so it was more significant to me than all the other Christmases I celebrated. We had started gotten ready for it on the first day of December. We bought out first Christmas tree from Wal-Mart and got some cute ornaments from different places. I love many of the ornaments that I accumulated ever since we got married. There weren't many of them, but they were special.

I also made an advent calendar to countdown til Christmas. Each day we're supposed to do different things that brings the Christmas spirit and cheer into our home. Some days we make Christmas crafts, some days we went out on drives to look at pretty Christmas lights, and other days we just stayed in and watched Christmas movies.

After Mr.L's final exams, we drove down to Toquerville and spent the rest of our Christmas break with his mom. It was Liam's first time at his grandma's house. I think he liked it there because there were so many people around that gave their attention to him. He was all smiles most of the time.

We celebrated his 100-day birthday on December 21st. According to Chinese tradition, Liam is already a year old on his 100th day (9 months in the womb, and 3 outside). We also celebrated this "birthday" in hopes that he would live up to 100 years old, or have a long life. My sister-in-law and I made some desserts for this celebration. We've never baked French macarons before but we followed a really good tutorial on YouTube and the macarons turned out perfect. No joke!

We also had a family Christmas party on Sunday and Liam got to meet some of his cousins and aunt and uncles on Mr.L's mom's side. The party was great and we had lots of good food. I totally stuffed myself. On Christmas eve, we went up to Cedar City to go sledding. It was my first time so I didn't really know what to expect. We drove up to Cedar and found out that there was a hill at a middle school that people go sledding at. It was snowing pretty heavily and the wind was strong too. Mr.L and I went down the hill a couple of times while my mother-in-law stayed in the car with Liam. The weather was crazy so I was done after two turns. Then, we went back down to St.George and ate at Olive Garden (my favorite restaurant!). That night, we were able to skype with Mr.L's youngest brother who is serving his mission for the LDS church in Japan. It was a really neat experience to hear him bear his testimony.

On Christmas day, Liam woke up bright and early (6am!) but I tried to get him to sleep in some more. Then, we took him downstairs so we can open presents from Santa. I think Liam really enjoyed seeing all the presents wrapped in colorful Christmas papers and bags. He's gotten the most presents out of all of us. We already spoiled him rotten. Anyways, here are a few videos from our Christmas holiday at Toquerville.

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