Saturday, February 16, 2013

Baby Liam: 5 Months

Liam is 5 months old already! He is about 20 pounds now. I am not sure how tall he is now because we haven't been to the health center to measure him yet. But I think my baby boy is mighty tall for his age! He is about as tall as half of Mr.L. He celebrated his first Chinese New Year this month! And yes, he loves red packets! Daddy gave him a big one :) I called home on New Year's eve and talked to my family. This was the first time my grandma got to see him. She kept saying, "You're baby is beautiful" in Chinese. It makes me miss her so much and I really wanted to just fly home with Liam so we could visit with her. Sigh! Next year!

For Valentine's day, we didn't do much. We went snow-tubing the day before V-day. It was just me and Mr.L. We were so excited cause we got to be just the two of us again! Snow-tubing was really fun, except when Mr.L couldn't slow down in time and he hit the fence and flipped over. But he's okay! I took lots of pictures of Liam for V-day. I am always looking for a photo-op for him. This baby already have at least a thousand of him taken ever since he was born. Ah, the wonderful world of DSLRs and smartphones.

Liam's development:
He sleeps great now. I mean, waking up only once in the middle of the night is SO GOOD! He goes to bed at 7-7.30pm. We usually feed and change him at around 11pm before we go to bed ourselves (sometimes he stirs earlier, sometimes he can go til almost 12.30am). Then, he'd sleep soundly til 4 or 5, sometimes even close to 6am. That's when I'd get up and make him another bottle. Then he goes back to sleep til maybe 7 or 8am. He takes 3 naps a day. early morning nap, early afternoon nap, and late afternoon nap. He usually gets sleepy around 90 minutes after he'd woken up from his last nap. He usually takes about an hour nap for each nap, sometimes longer, sometimes shorter. But because we know his sleep cues a lot better now, we were able to get him to nap before he gets too cranky.

Liam boy knows how to roll over on his own now! He doesn't do it very frequently but we try to get him to do it by pushing his toys away from him so he'd have to roll over to get them.

He likes sitting in his bath tub and splashing his bath water. He still loves his jolly jumper. He likes to see us in the mirror. Instead of talking to him face-to-face, I'd talk to him in the mirror. He loves it cause he usually doesn't like to look at things too close to his face. If you talk to him while holding him, he usually wouldn't look at you. Sometimes, he gets really quiet and stops whatever he is doing when Mr.L and I talk to each other. It's like he's listening in. Sometimes when I looked over at him and he'd give me a shy smile and turned his head away, as if saying, "Oops! You caught me!"

He also squirms and scoots in his crib so much that he's usually turned 90 degree from where we put him down.

I started feeding him mashed banana with formula. He seemed to like it even though he sort of shook his head when he tasted it. It was quite comical. Seeing my baby growing and learning all the new skills makes me really proud. I am also amazed at the humans' ability to learn. It's fascinating to watch his growth and it further confirms that the Lord really did create us.

Liam dislikes loud noises. Remember I facebook-ed about him crying when I sneezed? Yea, I can't sneeze around him. I have to run to the other room or hide my face in the covers when I sneeze. I could never turn the vitamix on. He cried immediately once when I turned it. I haven't used my vitamix since then. We also couldn't vaccum our apartment when he's asleep. If I were with him and he's distracted and Mr.L is vacuuming in another room with the door closed, then he's okay with it. If not, then he'd cry once it's turned on. He also doesn't like my blow dryer. But because I use it so much (almost everyday), he's starting to get used to it I think. But I'd always have to close our bathroom door and close our bedroom door so he wouldn't be startle. One time I turned the blow dryer on while he was watching me outside the bathroom, his lips immediately tremble. He gets startle so easily if I were to even make any sudden movement or speak a little louder he'd jump. Poor guy.

I am still trying to figure out if Liam likes the cold or not. He doesn't seem to mind it because we always dress him in layers. But he hardly ever smiles when we get outside in the cold. Maybe his face was numb. But he just looks really sad when he's outside. We went sledding a couple of times with him. I also went on a few walks with him to the Provo temple when it was warm. We took him out one time when it was snowing slowly and he seemed to like it. He smiled when I laid him down in the snow.

I can't wait for summer when it's hot out and Liam is old enough to go play in the water. I am going to enroll him in a swim class (they take babies as young as 6 months old!). I really want to take him to the beach and to picnics and stuff.

Here are some videos of my growing baby. I'd post photos but I think videos are more fun! Also, the post is getting too long. I'll post pictures next time :) Btw, if you are on Instagram or Vine, you can see more pictures and video of my bambino on a daily basis!


Ivy Ting said...

I laugh so hard seeing him wearing that bib while eating!

Granny said...

I can't believe he is so big! Our first, Lee, was also a big baby! It is so much fun to look at the videos of all the things he is doing and catch a glimpse of his cute little personality. Both of you are awesome parents! Wish I were closer and could babysit him! Please give him a kiss from Granny!