Sunday, March 31, 2013

A weekend getaway with little Liam

A week or so ago I had a few days off from work because most of my colleagues went to Texas for the TESOL conference. Since I knew it would be impossible for me to take Liam with me and I was too lazy to apply to present at the graduate student forum, I didn't get to go to the conference. So I pleaded with Mr.L to take us somewhere so we can stay in a hotel, go sight-seeing, and sleep in a king-sized bed for a couple of nights.

We went to Las Vegas. It's weird, I've been to Vegas many times when we were living in Toquerville, but I was still so excited to go! I guess I was excited because I got to "train" Liam to be a little world traveler. Even though it was a long drive to Vegas from Provo, Liam did really well in his car seat. I am sure he was SO sick of sitting in his car seat after traveling in it for pretty much the whole trip. But he was such a trooper.

We went to Golden Nugget's shark pool and slid through the aquarium. It was a little anti-climatic because I had expected it to be SO COOL and it was just okay. Mr.L and I both went down the slide once and that was it. It was too cold to go back up to the third floor and wait for your turn to go down the slide. It was, however, a unique experience. At first I was really scared to go down the slide because I hate sharks and seeing them up close and knowing that they were swimming around me just freaked me out a little. When I went down the slide, with all the water splashing in my face, and I couldn't really see a dang thing (well, I could still see some huge fish), I was a little disappointed. Everything went by too quickly! And I hate sharks!   Oh, so what was Liam doing while Mr.L and I were swimming in the pool? He was sitting by the pool in his little Prince Lionheart seat eating the straps of the seat. I thought we were genius for bringing the seat with us. Seriously, it's one of the best purchase.

The best thing about the trip was I get to eat some amazing food. We went and got Malaysian food the first night we were there. That makes me miss home SO MUCH! While in the restaurant, there were some Malaysians there, speaking English with Malaysian accent. I felt like I was home.

The second night we went and ate at a Korean Barbeque restaurant. I love Korean BBQ and I wish they have it here in Utah. The BBQ cow tongue is Teh BEST! Even though it was really good food, there was a bit too much meat for me. We got the all-you-can-eat dinner so there was unlimited supply of meat, meat, and meat!

We also went to Bellagio (my favorite hotel at Las Vegas strip) to see the Spring exhibit they have there. I am always amazed by the exhibits there. This is the third one I've been too and I just LOVE IT! I just wish there weren't so many people there though.

I've seen so many awesome pictures of this ghost town 40 minutes outside of Vegas, called Nelson/El Dorado. It was the most amazing ghost town I've seen so far (I've probably only been to two). There were SO many cacti! Love it. There were also a lot of rustic/vintage/old looking trucks there. The next time I go there, I need to hire a photographer to take our family pictures. I wanted to hire one this time but it was a little last minute to find a photographer whose style I like. As you can see from the pictures we took with self-timer, this place has really smooth, amazing light. I wish I had more than 1 hour to explore this place. time. If you want to get your pictures taken there, LET ME KNOW!!! This place is magical!

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