Saturday, March 16, 2013

Baby Liam: 6 months

Liam turned 6 months last week. My little baby is not so little anymore. He is about 20 pounds (he lost a little bit of weight after being sick for a few days) and is about 30 inches long. He is so active and mobile now sometimes I wish he were still a newborn who sleeps 20 hours a day! He no longer takes 3 naps a day. He is taking 2 naps now cause he can stay awake longer.

Speaking of sleep, Liam HATES to sleep. He absolutely hates it when you lie him down anywhere. Anytime he's lied down, he starts to kick and squirm and roll over. He also whines and cries if you don't pick him up. So it can be a little annoying, especially when I'm changing him. Putting him down for his naps is also close to being a nightmare for me cause I am the one who puts him down for naps most of the time. I am not going to bore you with my complains. All I can say is, it is not easy to get this baby to sleep.

Liam, however, is generally a very happy baby. He doesn't mind playing by himself on his play mat with his toys while mommy and daddy work on the computer. Because he is more independent now, I can actually go to the bathroom without having to worry about him. Sometimes he gets a little pensive and he'd sit on his playmat very quietly, staring at his hands or staring out the window. I think he is happy as long as we don't put him down for his naps.

I am amazed at how much he's able to learn in a month's time. His hand-eye coordination is so good now and he can tell the distance his toys are from him and grab them easily. Sometimes I forgot how for little babies everything is new and they have to learn EVERYTHING from scratch. Things that we take for granted like being able to see colors, grab things with our hands, recognizing the relationship between things (like the switch turns the light off and so on), eat food and chew, and so many more small things like that are the things that Liam has to learn to be able to function properly! It marvels me to watch him learn, make connection, and grow each day. Even though it seems as though he is just doing the same thing everyday, I think that for him he is actually learning new skills daily.

We are loving the warmer weather now and we go outside and take short walks everyday. We go to BYU art museum to look at the exhibits and we go out on the lawn to sit and play under the tree. Also, he outgrows his clothes so fast! He gets new clothes like every other month because he is a hulk (and also because his mama loves to shop for him).

Oh, Liam can stand pretty well supported. Now that sitting is easy for him, he wants to use his feet more. He also is starting to know how to get on his knees and get to the crawling position. Lucky for us he still can't crawl yet, now even army crawl. When he is on his stomach, he'd try to get on his knees and push off the floor. But instead of going forward, he'd go backward, which is pretty funny to watch.

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Richard Ling said...


I browsed your blog and realized that you and Annie Ting are friends.

I am her long lost friend when were tuition together in sibu during primary school.

I moved to Singapore since then and we lost contact.

Is there anywhere I can contact her again? she has any facebook? contact number?

thank you