Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Baby Liam : 7 months (so far so good)

We are two weeks into the month of April and it has already been a good month for us so far. First, it was General conference weekend. I learned a TON from the talks by many of the general authorities this time. I always feel edified and inspired to do something about my spirituality during the conference. There are some changes I want to make in my life after listening to some of the talks that really resonates with me.

We celebrated Mr.L's 27th birthday. My mother-in-law was nice enough to come up here to help babysit Liam while we went and flew a plane. It was a really neat experience. We each have a half hour with the flight instructor and flew the small 2-seated plane. It was like a crash course about how to take off, fly the plane, and descend into the airport. I enjoyed the introductory lesson and was so excited to fly the plane. It certainly was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I don't think I will do it again though. It was too complicated for me (reading all the meters, watching out for other planes in the sky, enjoying the view from up high, and being concerned about not nose-diving into the ground) and I had a little bit of motion sickness while I was mid air. But I am glad Mr.L liked it. 

Liam turned 7 months the day after Mr.L's birthday. He's hit so many milestones in the past couple of weeks. He is totally crawling on his own now. It was amazing to see him try over and over to get onto all fours and pushing himself forward. This baby is now crawling everywhere! We still have to baby-proof our apartment! His first tooth just cut through! It was so tiny and sharp! I think Liam really liked feeling it. He ran his hand through and used his tongue to feel it. Sometimes he'd sit on the floor, staring at a spot on the floor, and just move his jaw so his lips could feel his tooth. He's also getting separation anxiety. It isn't bad because I can still leave him alone sometimes and he'd still be happy playing by himself. But sometimes he gets worried when I leave the room. He'd start crying the second I walk out the door. He'd try to crawl out to find me. Sometimes even if I'm only 2 feet from him he'd whine and crawl up to my feet. It's like he just wants to sit by me and play right by me. It's so cute and funny to see! 

Spring is awesome.

4 years of bliss.

This is why I love my job. My students are SO SWEET!

My students from all around the world! 

I love this boy SO much!

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Nikki Yoder said...

Wow! That is soooo awesome you got to fly a plane! And Liam is crawling? Sooo awesome! Cove didn't army crawl until he was 8 months and didn't start actually crawling around 9 months I think. Liam is a go-getter!

Such a cute family. :)