Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Baby Liam: 8 months old

Liam turned 8 months the day after Mother's Day! It definitely sneaked up on us because we've been telling everyone who asked that he was 7 months old when in reality he was closer to being 8 months old! This little bug had been learning to eat solids during our vacation to Hawaii. It was easier for us to give him a teeny bit of what we were eating than to give him baby food. We also started giving him baby puffs and he totally loved them.

Liam went on his first flight trip about 2 weeks ago. I was really stressed out about it the week leading up to the day of our trip because Liam loved to scream when he was tired and I had no idea what to expect. I was scared to attract stares from other passengers and feared that people would think that I was a useless mother who couldn't pacify her baby. But he did a lot better than I had anticipated. On our way to Hawaii, we had 2 layovers and 3 flights in total in one day! We flew from SLC to SFO, then from SFO to Honolulu. Our last flight of the day was from Honolulu to Hilo. We were SO tired by the time we got our rental car and drove to my friend, Julie's apartment. Like I said Liam did pretty well considering we were traveling all day long and he had maybe a total of 2 hour nap the whole day!

Liam is showing his personality more and more nowadays. He's a super curious baby. He just wants to touch everything. He also likes to put everything in his mouth. We tried countless times to stop him from eating sand on the beach but to no avail. He is also interested in everything he hears. He knows exactly which directions the sounds he hears come from. It was amazing to see how accurate he is! He is also a super sociable baby. He loves smiling at people. I guess that was why we attracted so many "Oh, he is so cute!" and praises like that when we were in Hawaii. He just smiled or grinned at people when they make eye-contact in the elevators, on the street, on the beach, and everywhere we went.

He's learning to stand up and he'd push himself up on anything. He likes to crawl up to us, use our thighs to push himself to a standing position. He loves doing this a lot and I think that he wants to practice this new skill any chance he got. Every morning I'd wake up seeing him standing in his crib watching us and waiting for us to go pick him up.

I love this little baby more and more each day! I wish so much that I could slow time down and that he'd stay little forever. It breaks my heart to think about when he becomes a teenager, leave the house for college, go on his mission, get married, and so on. I just don't want him to leave me, ever! Everyday I kiss him many many times because I know he won't stay little for much longer. I welcome the separation anxiety and enjoy the fact that he wants to hold on to me. I also pray every night that he knows how much his mommy and daddy love him.

I posted a lot of iphone photos of our Hawaii trip on FB, but here are some that I took with my DSLR that I didn't post. See how cute Liam was in all the pictures? I love him to bits!

On Hilton Resort Waikiki beach

He loves his daddy. 

Diamond Head crater in the backdrop

Playing hide and seek under the covers


China Man's head in the backdrop. He has sand in his mouth!

Scared by the waves, he crawled to his daddy for refuge.

At Sunset Beach

One thing I discovered while on the trip was Liam loved rubbing his face on our faces when he's tired.

Tongue out

I wuv my baby SO much!

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Jeni said...

Such gorgeous photos, Sharon! Wow wow wow. I am adoring your blog :)