Friday, June 28, 2013

Baby Liam: 9 month

Liam talks a lot nowadays. Most of the time he says stuff like "dada wawa babababa mum mum mum aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ewwwwwwwwww uh uh heh heh" while waving his hands up and down, slapping anything that is in front of him. He also loves blowing bubbles on his lips (a skill he'd learn from the swimming lesson). He loves to scream too. I don't know where he got it from, but he's been screams regardless what he does. He'd be sitting on the floor playing with his toy and shriek on and off. It's weird because he's not even unhappy when he was doing that!

Apart from "speaking", he's also learning to stand. Sometimes after pulling himself up on a chair or something, he'd stand there, look around him, squat down, and sit down on the floor, before crawling to wherever he wants to go. Before he turned 9 month, he starting "walking." Well, more like scooting. While he was standing next to our bed, he scooted over to where my phone was on the bed. So I teased him by taking the toy away and putting it on the other end of the bed. I wanted to see if he'd try to scoot to where the toy was or if he'd just resort to crawling. I hope he learns to stand on his own soon. I think he's been reluctant to let go of our legs and stuff that he could hold on to because he's still not confident with standing without any support. 

Liam's favorite thing to do is to ride on his daddy's shoulders. He sits up there looking around at strangers and staring at them, watching them do whatever they are doing. I think he is getting too curious. His curiousity also drives him to put EVERYTHING in his mouth or lick anything new to him. I was sitting on the bed with my feet hanging off of it and he crawled right up, slowly put his face closer to my feet, and proceed to bite my middle toe. I was on my phone so I didn't see what he was doing until I felt a little lick. He also loves to pull his feet up to his face, and sometimes he'd nibble on his big toes. I love it when he does that. It's the cutest thing!

It amazes me to see his growth. Everyday he's learning something different. I feel like I need to stimulate him more by letting him explore his world around him and take him out to see different sights and hear different sounds. He hates being at home because he gets bored of his toys too quickly. He definitely keeps me busy and sometimes exhausted. Regardless, it's all worth it because he's the cutest baby boy in town!

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