Saturday, June 08, 2013

Bits of our Memorial Day weekend

We went to St.George for Memorial Day weekend. It was a spontaneous decision. On Thursday morning, my neighbor asked me what we were doing for Memorial Day and I said nothing. It was true. We really had nothing planned. Then my sister-in-law, Jordyn, came by our apartment to say hi on her way down to Toquerville. While we were talking, a thought came to me, "Why don't we go down to Toquerville for Memorial Day?!" I immediately asked Mr.L if we could go the next day and he thought it was a good idea. So we drove down to St.George on Friday afternoon.

We had the funnest time that weekend. Summer in Provo had been fun, but it did feel a little mundane sometimes. That was why I was SO excited for a change in scenery. We always love going to visit St.George area because we get to see Mr.L's grandparents in Toquerville, and our friends in St.George. This time was a lot more fun because we also got to spend some time with Tyler and Jordyn, whom we miss a ton ever since they left.

On Saturday, we went to Sand Hallow reservoir as a family outing. We got to paddle across the lake in a small boat. It was a little scary at that time but it's a little comical now that I think about it. Imagine a pregnant woman and a woman with a baby under a year old, all without life vests, trying to paddle a small inflated boat that was leaking in water, and had no idea where they were supposed to go to. To make matter worse, the baby was screaming half of the time and trying to climb up on his mother, and this mother had to hold him with one arm and try to figure out how the paddle work with the other arm. Fortunately, we have semi-fit husbands who jumped in the cold lake water and basically pulled/pushed or boat to where we were supposed to go. Note to self: buy a baby life vest for Liam!

Apart from Sand Hallow, we went and got snow cones and went to the Hurricane splash pad. We laid out on the grass under some trees at the park while Liam was asleep in the car seat (we rolled the car windows down and were only a few steps away from the car). We saw a cop drove up behind our car and arrested some guy on the sidewalk a few feet from us. Being the busybody that I was, I couldn't take my eyes off the whole thing and my heart was beating very fast. I felt like I was in a movie. LOL!

On Memorial Day, we went to St.George park to have a picnic with all of our family down there (the grandparents and Aunt MaryAnn's family were there too). We also invited our good friends, Paul and Nikki, to come. Mr.L also got his friend, Nate, whom he hadn't seen in years, to come. I had a great time!  I love picnic and I love that so many people were there with us. I love the splash pad and got myself and Liam all wet even though I didn't have my swim suit on. It felt so good to be splashed when it was 100 degree out.

A picture with his great-grandpa, Clark Stratford, who was a veteran of Korean war. 

Found daddy's lunchbox when he was little

I love that he loves gnawing on his toe! 

He slept in his pack and play the whole time we were down there. I was worried that he'd not like it but he actually didn't mind it at all! 

First time being bathed in the sink. Totally ghetto fab. 

First time on a trampoline. He loved bouncing. 

Playing in Uncle Tyler's tent

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