Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dear daddies.

This year's father's day, I celebrated 

My daddy,

My boy's daddy, 

and My husband's daddy. 

One of the things I remember most about my daddy was him helping me with my primary 6 Chinese essays. I was asked to write a story based on four sequential pictures about a fight at the school canteen. I wrote four sentences in total. One for each picture. Of course I got a really bad grade for my essay and I was devastated because I simply didn't know how to compose a story! I remember daddy sitting down next to me on our dining table, teaching me how to think outside of what I saw in the pictures. He said that to tell a story, I'd have to imagine what might have happened before the event and what might happen after. He said I could make stuff up, and that I could pretend to know the people in the pictures, know what they feel and what they like or dislike. This was revolutionary for me. From then on, writing stories became so much easier for me. I felt like I was no longer a boring person because I saw more, imagine more, and wanted to create more stories. That day my daddy taught me how to fish.

One thing that almost everyone who knows my dad knows about him is that he snores. VERY loudly. You can hear him snore even when his bedroom door is closed and you're downstairs watching TV. But I was so used to his snores that hearing them gives me comfort. Weird, right?

To me, my dad is the funniest guy ever. Every little thing he says cracks me up. Sometimes I feel like it is not what he says, but the way he says it. It's like he added some spice to the most mundane things he talks about. My dad's laughter makes me laugh too. Hearing him laugh makes me laugh. 

Liam is lucky to have Mr.L as his daddy. In the past nine months Mr.L not only worked super hard at school and at his job, but he also tried as much as he can to be there for his Liam boy. He's shown only love and patience to Liam even though at times Liam proved to be a challenge. I am so glad that he was by my side when Liam was born, encouraging me on, feeding me ice chips, and supporting me in my last minute decision to get an epidural. When I was frustrated with breast feeding and pumping, he took away my stress by letting me know that it is totally okay to formula-feed my baby and that I shouldn't have to be ashamed of that. He'd babied me when I need him to and he certainly have been the greatest daddy to our son.

My father-in-law is Mr.L's hero. Mr.L often tells me what great example his dad have set on being a hard-worker. The first time I met my father-in-law was the day before our wedding reception (our wedding reception was a few days after our wedding). Right off the bat I know that he loves Mr.L so so much even though he lived far away from Utah and didn't get to see him much. My father-in-law is funny and very knowledgeable. He is a very good debater too. Haha! I feel that he challenges us to defend our views by making us think more and hard about what we believe in. That's a good thing. I like talking to him because we can talk about almost anything under the stars. 

These fathers inspired me to be better in my life. They taught me to forgive, to believe, to work hard, and to never give up. They are my examples and I want to be more like them. 

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