Thursday, July 18, 2013

Baby Liam: 10 months

My little bambino turned 10 months last week. In another two months he is going to turn 1! It sneaks up on you, this thing we called growing up. If I hadn't looked back on his newborn pictures and watched him learn all the new skills, I wouldn't have thought that he'd grown much at all!

At 10 months, Liam learned to stand up from a squatting position and without holding on to anything. It happened out of nowhere. We were at the playground and he was sitting on the ground playing with sand. Then from a sitting position he went into a squatting position (which he has done quite a few times already). All of a sudden, I saw him slowly rise up. He didn't even wobble. It happened so quickly I couldn't capture it on video. He didn't do it again that day no matter how I urge him to. But he did it again the next day and I was able to capture it on Vine. Hoorah! He also learned to remain in a standing position for a couple of minutes without assistance. It truly is amazing to see him gaining strength and ability to become more and more independent. 

Liam now has 7 teeth! He has 4 that came in all the way at the bottom and two front teeth that are still growing. His last one is sprouting to the right (from our view) of his front teeth. Every time he smiles and laughs he shows off all of his teeth and that is the most adorable thing in the world!

He regards everything with wonder. Even the smallest piece of paper he'd hold between his thumb and pointer finger and examine it. He looks at everyone with curiosity and when they look back at him, he flashes them his signature happy grin and that makes those on the receiving end stop and say how adorable he is. I am not saying this to brag, but I do marvel in my son's friendliness and his outgoing personality.

Being a mother to this curious and active little almost-walking-almost-toddler is the BEST thing ever. Yes, he keeps me on my toes and sometimes makes my heart stop by getting himself into trouble (like stuck underneath the chair or knock his head on the couch or tripped over a pillow). But I cannot ask for a sweeter, smiley-er, funnier, handsomer, and more kissable baby. He is my perfect little Liam bug.

He wasn't quite 10 months in this picture but I like it so much I want to post it here.

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