Sunday, July 21, 2013

Cherries picking

When I was little, my family lived in a house where there were a few fruit trees in the yard. We had three papaya trees in the backyard, two or three coconut trees lined the side of our house, and a couple of mango trees. My sister and I used to pick baby mangoes and threw it at each other. Sometimes we'll pick mangoes that are not yet all the way ripe, cut the fruits into thin strips, and ate the sour strips with some sugar and soy sauce. Each year, during the mangoes season, we'll have lots of ripe mangoes laying on the ground (they have fallen off the trees on their own) waiting for us to harvest, for the birds to eat, or simply rot because they were too ripe to be eaten. That was my first fruit-picking experience, and that was also my only fruit-picking experience until I got married.

Growing up in Malaysia, I had never seen fruit trees that are common here. Never in my life had I known what apple trees looked like. But Mr.L and I went apples-picking the summer after we got married. When I saw the apples on the trees I was so stoked ("Apples grew on trees???" was my amazement)! {By the way, I thought strawberries grew on trees!}But I still don't know what an orange tree looks like! Seriously, I am dying to go to an orange grove and behold the beauty of oranges on the trees. 

Since we don't have orange groves in Utah, I am happy to pick any fruits my area has to offer. We mostly have cherries here but I had never seen cherries growing on a tree before. So I was really excited to go to Payson pick my first cherries. 

I didn't know cherries grew in bunches like that. They looked so delicious!

My little cherry-picking-helper. 

Black cherries. Love them!

He picked a couple :)

Happy that he plucked one off its stem. 

My first time climbing a ladder to pick fruits. I don't think I'm a good fruit-picker. It's a tedious work!

Saw a basketball hoop by the orchard so daddy tried to shoot some "hoops" :)

On the way home we drove past a dairy cow farm. 

I love cows because I was born in the year of ox, and I can't get enough of this calf! So cute! 

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