Thursday, July 11, 2013

Morgan's Wonderland

One of the activities of our family reunion was to spend a day at Morgan's Wonderland in San Antonio. The theme park was built by Morgan's father, who saw the need of a theme park designed for individuals with special needs. Find out more about Morgan's Wonderland here.

While the park was built with special-needs people in mind, it was also an awesome park for little children. I love this park because it wasn't a typical amusement park where people scream and roller coasters rumble. The most important thing was that the park was baby-friendly, meaning our little Liam was also able to enjoy the rides, swings, and playgrounds.

This is where you play with different pipe instruments

Inside the Sensory village there's this dark room with images projected on the walls and floor.
This one is cool cause the beads fall over the shadows and form different shapes. 

This one is a little weird. I think those little tadpoles could "sense" where you are and they swarm towards you when they sense you.

Here at the pirate island you could fish, control small boats with controllers, and shoot water canon.

Truth be told, I had no idea what to expect, but at the end of the day I left the park feeling really glad that we went. We had a fun-filled day with our son and our extended family. I'll never forget this special place and I hope more people learn about its existence.

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