Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Pioneer's Day

Pioneer day in Utah was a pretty big deal. Over here in Provo/Orem area, the fireworks were going crazy at night. It was really fun to have another holiday other than the Independence day in July though. 

The night before Pioneer day, a friend of mine invited me to go run the 5K Provo temple to Provo City temple run. I thought about it for a while. That sounded fun and doable! The next morning when I woke up, I just didn't feel like running at all (I also didn't have a good pair of running shoes {excuse}!), so I went to my xtend barre class instead. After Liam and I got home from my barre class (he came with me every morning to the daycare at the studio), our whole family went and had breakfast at Denny's.

Apart from going to the barre class and eating at Denny's, we also made a trip to the Pioneer's Village in Provo. It is small compared to This is The Place Heritage Park in Salt Lake, but it had quite a few things to see to get a glimpse into the lives of the pioneers.

One of the food trucks at the field where all the pioneer day activities were going on. We were there late so they were closing. I really want to try this! Next time! 

A pony show

Liam wanting to touch the pony

Pink tail! 

We waited in line so I could get this picture of Liam "driving" a fire truck

In front of the Pioneer Square

One of the exhibits at the square. I am crazy about the teepee! I think somewhere on the teepee there was a sign that said, "America's first mobile home" or something like that. Cute!

All the fur/hide. I was a little freaked out by the beaver one (the first one). 

Inside the teepee. I wonder what they do when it rains. 

Old school house

I remember learning Deseret Alphabets for my Linguistics class. 

I am not ready for this boy to go to school yet!!

haha! I don't think he scribbled anything but he was interested in putting the chalk in his mouth

A bear-climbing game. You pull on the ropes to make the bear climb to the top. Pretty cute!

These little boys hard at work pretending to be the pioneers. 

Imagine if you're asked to fit all of your life into this cart. Wow, I'd have to get rid of A LOT of stuff! 

Imagine shopping here. I'd go for that fashionable blue bonnet. 

This is the doctor's carriage. 

Learning about our church history and reading stories about the Mormon pioneers have truly helped me appreciate them. I admire their great faith in the Lord and the prophet to leave everything they built in Nauvoo to come so far West, pulling hand carts, suffering cold and hunger, and losing loved ones on the way to Zion. They and their stories are inspirations to me to be more true to my faith, braver, and more hard-working. 

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