Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Children's Museum in Houston

When we were in Houston, my friend suggested the children's museum for us to visit since we have a little baby. To be honest, I was never a huge fan of all museums, especially art museums with only paintings {I guess you can call me a philistine}. But because I had never been to a children's museum and I heard they were way different from the typical museums, I was excited to go. I'm happy to report that it did not disappoint the child in me {and my baby}. I would go there every week with Liam if I could! 

A colorful train welcomed us at the entrance

Who doesn't love a superhero?!

Kidtropolis, where children learn about the world of adults {different  jobs, grocery shopping, driving cars, stock market, and so on} 

Releasing the artist in me. 

Mr. L is actually pretty artistic!

Kids could climb down these giant round steps from the third floor to the first floor!

The world of media 

Liam was finally awake {he slept through half of our tour at the museum}
and we were at the infants and toddlers  section 

Infant driver

He simply had to taste everything

His favorite!

He couldn't really walk yet so this wasn't as fun for him to 'ride' as it was for me to watch him ride

A science workshop where you try to invent things with paper plates, pipe cleaners, and more.

My favorite: A cartoon section.
 It had machines with levers and buttons and made you feel like you're in a space ship!

So this was how Liam looked like as a superhero!

Go save the world with your cuteness!

Don't be fooled by this picture. Pulling myself up while sitting down was pretty hard, I was crying inside. 

For some reasons these mirrors always make me so happy! 

Thanks for the fun, the Children's Museum in Houston. 

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Nikki Yoder said...

That is so amazing! I didn't even know such a museum existed. We'll have to take a trip there someday. Liam looks so adorable in all of those photos. Looks like a place of dreams for kids.