Monday, July 01, 2013

Two days of Houston

While we were in San Antonio, Texas for a reunion (more on that in a different post), we took a short trip to Houston. I've always wanted to go to Houston because of all the good things I hear about it, and because one of my good good friend, Lia, is there. Even though it was about 3 1/2 hour drive there, it felt longer because of the few traffic jams along the way which slowed us down.  

Another road trip? We just got to San Antonio yesterday :( 

We only had a couple of days there so we went sight-seeing right after we drove into the city. The first stop was lunch at a Malaysian restaurant (Mamak) in Chinatown. I just couldn't eat any other food knowing that there were a few Malaysian restaurants there! The restaurant did not disappoint. In fact, we are there 3 times in less than 48 hours! I like the interior design, especially the glass window that allows you to see what's happening in the kitchen. It definitely kept Liam entertained because he did not like to just sit in his high chair. Being able to watch one of the chefs making roti made him happy.

making roti
Top left to right: Fresh coconut juice, soy bean and grass jelly drink, fried flat noodles with shrimps (char kuey tiao)
Bottom: Roti canai with chicken curry, chicken fried rice, and fish head rice noodles with pickled plums. 

I also got my haircut while I was at the Chinatown. Like my bangs?


Per my friend's suggestion, we went to the Galleria Mall, the Water Wall, Hermann park, museum of Children, and NASA. I know there are a lot more things to do in Houston, but because we spent more time in the traffic (terrible traffic jams during rush hours) and it rained pretty hard during the afternoons, we couldn't do a lot of the things we planned on doing. But that's okay, I am sure we will go back again.

This is one of the coolest thing ever. The Williams Water wall is bigger than I thought . Love it!
Getting soaked

Galleria Mall is HUGE!

Train ride at Hermann park. Unfortunately we didn't get to go on it because it  was pouring.
Hermann Park
the Children's Museum (I enjoyed it more than Liam did! He was asleep half the time in there).  
Even though sight-seeing in Houston is fun and I wish we had more time to see more things, I enjoyed visiting Lia the most! It was so fun seeing her again. The last time we saw each other, Liam was only about 5 weeks old and now he was crawling around her apartment and under  her dining table. The couple of hours of reunion was really fun because I got to tour her apartment, eat the delicious dinner she made (she is a really good cook and she made my favorite dessert, the haupia pie!), and chit-chatted about our lives.

Looking at all these pictures makes me miss Houston! 

I love that Lia can speak Chinese to Liam! 
Delicious haupia pie!! 

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