Thursday, August 15, 2013

Baby Liam: 11 months

Liam celebrated his 11-month with a viral infection. He must have caught it from someone during the whirlwind week of his uncle Kendall's homecoming. He met so many people in the 4 days that we were in Southern Utah.

At first we thought he was just having heat exhaustion, then we suspected teething (the drooling, fevers, flushed cheeks, crankiness, teeth grinding, diarrhea all indicated teething), and when he refused to eat and drink, we were befuddled. After we returned to Provo, we took him to his pediatrician and found out that had some kind of viral infection that caused some rashes on his body (we didn't even see the rashes until the doctor mentioned it) and lots of canker sores in his throat.

Seeing the doctor was brutal for Liam. He absolutely hated being touched, probed, forced his mouth open, being pinned down by his mommy and daddy so the doctor could take a good look in his throat. He thrashed, cried, screamed, and I almost burst into tears seeing him suffered so. Now that we know what was causing him pain and what we can do to help, he is in a better mood. He is still super clingy but I got to cuddle with him more than normal (he isn't the cuddle type), which is super nice.

Apart from being sick, Liam is officially a walker now! He finally took some steps about a week ago and I was so excited for his progress. I thought it was going to take him forever, but it happened sooner than I thought. He was showing off his new skill at grandma's house in Toquerville when we were visiting. We clapped and gave him praises when he took more than 5 steps and I think he loved the cheers we showered him with.

He is still ever-so-in-love with his daddy. He hung on to him for dear life and sometimes when I tried to take him away so his daddy could go work, he'd cry like a pig being slaughtered until I distract him with something or feed him some snacks. I am glad that he has such a strong bond with his daddy but I am sad that he doesn't do the same with me! But one thing his daddy's got nothing on me is the ability to make him laugh and get super hyper (I know it is not a contest, but I still like that there's something that only I can do!). See, I am the cray-cray silly mom. I do funny faces, I play peek-a-poo with him all the time, I jump up and down and crawl on the floor to make him laugh and chase after me. I guess that's my role in his life--to make him laugh.

Liam also loves his blanket and anything soft that he could rub his face in. He still loves playing on our bed. He likes bath time and all kinds of food (so far everything we gave him he chowed down). He also likes pushing buttons, so he loves playing with all the remote controls we have at home. I think he likes the taste of metal so he likes to put our keys in his mouth. Also, his bangs are getting so long he looks like a emo kid now (haha!). We are letting him grow his hair out until we can no longer stand it anymore. Haha! OR maybe we should let him grow it out so he can have a ponytail!

Eating blueberries for the first time. 

At Deseret bookstore

Getting cranky in the car

Are we there yet?

He really doesn't like being in the carseat too long. 

This is his half-smile he developed while he was sick and opening his mouth caused him pain :( 

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