Thursday, August 01, 2013

Boerne, TX

Mr.L lived in Boerne for 12 years. It was where he spent the majority of his childhood there. He told me lots of stories about growing up in the country and running around in the woods. When I first met him (he was 18), he told me he was from Texas (even though he had already lived in Utah for 6 years). Not that it really mattered where he was from, but after he left Hawaii to return home (Utah), I thought he went back to Texas. So the following embarrassing conversation took place one day while I was chatting with one of his friends on MSN (still remember what this is?).

(I don't remember exactly the word-for-word convo we had, but this is the gist)
me: Which part of Texas are you from?
him: I am not from Texas.
me: But I thought Leighton lives in Texas.
him: No. He lives in Utah.
me: What???????????????????????????????????????? No! He said he lives in Texas.
him: I am pretty sure he lives in Utah.
me: (getting a little pissed) You mean he just moved to Utah? What is he doing in Utah?
him: No. His family's here too.
me: (so confused) Wait, you mean he has lived in Utah his whole life?
him: Yea.
me: (scratching my head) But I distinctly remember he said he's from Texas!

So yea. In his heart, Texas was where he was from. Geez! He could have clarified and elaborated a little bit more so I wouldn't had to rack my brain trying to remember if he'd mentioned anything about his home in Utah!

Anyways, I don't blame him for loving his hometown. I love it too. It is a small city with cute boutiques and restaurants lining the main street. We were there a few Thanksgivings ago, but to this day I still remember how charming that small town was in all the Christmas decoration.   Therefore I was really excited to go back visit this time we were there for our family reunion. It definitely is one of the cutest little places to visit.

My father-in-law took us to Spinelli's for an evening of Italian food. The restaurant has really high ceiling and it had a huge library as you can see from the picture. We were sitting at a table where I couldn't get a picture to show you how high the ceiling was. 

Wheat bread dipped in herb Olive oil. Yum!

A cute little toy shop...

called "Ewe and Eye".

This cute little store (I forgot its name) has a small garden with cool stuff like small water fountains, bird feed, and a giant wooden chair. 

K, I obviously am not a very good blogger cause I keep forgetting the names of the stores that we went to.
This one was a vintage store that sells A TON of cute vintage stuff, like the globes in the picture. 

It also has some neon signs, including this "Lia" one. 

I couldn't resist. Angel wings made out of book pages. 

They even have a seat for "tired husband." I don't understand. 

Vintage cash register. Never seen this in my life before. It is huge, like half my height! 

An adorable restaurant, "Bier Garden"

Another cute restaurant. 259. Love the exterior and the interior. 

I am drawn to cotton plants. Again, never seen them in my life before. 

A second hand baby store we went to. Don't remember the name, but they have these cute letters magnets. 

After shopping we went and had some lemonades at this restaurant called, "Bear Moon Bakery and Cafe" that claimed to serve the best lemonades. 

My pomegranate and strawberry lemonade. Seriously so good. Perfect for the hot and humid Texas summer.

See, even Liam wants it! 

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