Saturday, August 24, 2013

Crazy fun or crazy AND fun weekend

We drove down to Toquerville a couple of weeks ago for a week jam-packed with exciting events and to hang out with family we haven't seen in a while. We have missed them dearly and the three and a half hour drive felt SO LONG because we just couldn't wait to see them!

All of my in-laws are no longer in Utah (boo~) but the return of Kendall brought us all back to Southern Utah, more specifically my mother-in-law's house. This house is a gathering place! Liam seemed to enjoy playing on the tile floor a lot.

Being drag across the living room floor in an empty box  was a new activity for Liam..

His hair was getting out of control so I had to clip his bangs away from his eyes.

As I mentioned, it was a weekend jam-packed with activities. One of the events was Chantelle's baby shower. It was really fun and many people showed up. This picture doesn't look it, but there were A LOT of people there!
Playing by the pantry while grandma got the food ready for Chantelle's pary

While the women were inside the house watching Chantelle open her presents, the men stood outside doing what men do. 

It was a treat to see granny and grandpa Allen again! Liam loves hats!

Chantelle, almost buried in all her presents! 

The next morning we drew posters to welcome Kendall home. 

Then, we went swimming in the pool at the hotel where granny and grandpa whiting stayed in. 
Tyler doing water ballet.

The same evening, we went and got a big dinner at the Pizza Factory after getting Kendall from the airport. 
I had to get a picture taken at this red telephone booth. I finally did it, after all these years. 

A cool plaza with some great restaurants in St.George

Everyone was having pizza but because I am not a huge fan of pizzas, I got chicken alfredo from pasta factory downstairs. I know, I am picky and can be a diva sometimes.

This breadstick though...SO GOOD! I don't know why we can't get refill!

Upon leaving, I saw this cool art horse and had to take a picture by it. Peace!

After the airport and the restaurant, we went home to sing Happy Birthday to Kendall because it was also his birthday that day. Dang Costco cake, it tasted so good I broke my no sugar diet because of it. 

Whee!! Happy 21st!

He got a laptop! Yay! 

On Sunday, we went to church to listen to Kendall give his mission report. Then we came home to a homecoming party for him and his friend who had returned a couple of weeks earlier. 
playing before getting ready for church

Liam and grandmama bonding

My poor sick baby slept through his uncle's entire talk and most of sacrament meeting. 

Celebrating these two returning from Japan and Guatamala.

This cake is INSAME!!! SOOOOOOO awesome! 

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