Friday, August 16, 2013

New business, new endeavor

You guys! I am so excited for this new business of mine. If you're following me on Instagram or are my family or close friends, you probably already know what the whole deal is about. And for those of you who don't know yet, I am launching an online baby products shop on Monday! *insert cheers and squeals*

First of all, my store is called Les Petits Darlings (I feel like it's a faux pas to jumble French and English on one phrase, but I couldn't think of a better name than this!). I really like the name because I call Liam "darling" all the time and I think that all children are their parents' darlings whether they verbally call them that or not. Why French, you ask? When I was little I decided if I own a shop one day, it'd have a French name (I was, and still am sort of a francophile ^_^), hence "Les Petits."

Some of the items I will carry in my store are baby leggings (handmade baby leggings are all the rage now!), baby blankets (can be used as a swaddling blanket, toddler blanket, nursing cover, carseat cover, and so on), baby hats (I love hats on babies! Liam has over 20 hats cause his mama is obsessed!), bandana bibs, and cloth headbands. Those are some of the products I have right now, but I have big plans for the future and I am thinking of baby dresses, bowties, peanut wraps, and even baby moccasins!

What I love about this aspect of my new business is that I get to design my own fabrics. I've always loved shopping for cute fabrics, so I am so stoked about designing my own! I think that my designs are modern, cute, fun, one-of-a-kind, and are suitable for both baby girls and boys. Check out my shop on Monday when it is launched to see the fabrics I designed! You can also click on the "Visit My Store" button on my blog sidebar to go to my store. If you're on instagram, follow @lespetitsdarlings

The sewing aspect of my business is a little nerve-wrecking for me. Even though I am no stranger to sewing (I took a fashion sewing class and an adult sewing class), I never owned a sewing machine or a serger until now (well, the sewing machine is actually my generous mother-in-law's, but she is loaning it to me for a few months)! I used to always hand-sewn or avoid crafts that involved using a sewing machine because I was too cheap to get one (that explains why hot-glue gun was my best friend!). Now that I have a serger and a sewing machine, I feel legit! I feel like I can make whatever I want and they'd turn out looking professionally done, neat, have high endurance, and cool!

What sparks the idea of opening an online store and sell baby products was all the pictures on my instagram feeds of little babies wearing super hip baby pants! When Liam was about two months old, I wanted to buy some pants for him to wear because it was cold (November in Utah, brrr!) and even though I love seeing his beefy thighs when he wore his onesies, I felt that he might feel incomplete without pants. So I searched and searched for cute baby boy pants and could only find brown, grey, beige, black pants with loose feet openings for baby boys. I wanted tighter (the chilly wind can blow in those loose foot openings!) and non-neutral but also non-girlish colors but could not find any! In addition, because I didn't have a sewing machine, I couldn't make him any from my old sweaters. So he wore plain, grey and brown pants for several months until I saw the cute baby leggings by Thief and Bandit and Candy Kirby Designs on my Instagram feed. Those ladies make killer leggings and they inspired me!

After that, I saw more and more leggings popping up. Everyone was putting cute baby leggings on their babies. I remember thinking, "those leggings are so cute and versatile, you can dress them up with different tops and pair them off with cute shoes and you look like one of those babies from the magazines!" POP! An idea popped into my mind and I could not shake it off for months. One day laying in bed I decided I will open my own store. It was a scary, yet exciting idea. I was scared to fail, scared to lose money in this new endeavor, and scared to be yelled at by unhappy customers. But my excitement was more over-powering. I thought about all the cute designs I could put out there and the sense of fulfillment when I sell my first leggings. I could burst!

So after months of research, trial and errors, learning, preparing, and being scared, I am finally doing it. I hope I will be successful in this small handmade business of mine, and I hope I get the support from people who like what I have to offer. I am definitely excited, the fear I was feeling is dissipating, and I am looking forward to see what this new endeavor of mine is going to teach me.

Liam is modeling a couple of my leggings in the pictures below. He sure makes the cutest baby model!

Liam wearing Carter's onesie, Les Petits Darlings dark grey and white shapes leggings, and leather baby moccs I made.  

Liam wearing H&M onesie, Les Petits Darlings mustard yellow footprints leggings, and the leather baby moccs I made

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lacey said...

I am interested in knowing your process of creation. You should write a blog post on your creative process! where do you send your sketches?! This is all very fascinating to me...