Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Riverwalk, San Antonio

I'll admit, I like Texas VERY MUCH! I mean, what's not to like about it? But I promise this is the last installment of our trip to Texas in June! So here's the grand finale, San Antonio Riverwalk. 

Even before going to Texas, I was already bugging Mr.L to remember to take me and Liam to Riverwalk. Every time the topic of the family reunion came up, I inevitably had to add "Don't forget the riverwalk!", to which, Mr.L replied, "Yes, and the Alamo." To which I replied, "'s okay to skip the Alamo. But we HAVE to go to the riverwalk!" 

My first time there I didn't get to ride the boat, so I wanted to do it this time. We went there during sunset so we could see the place at night. 

This was actually taken on a different day when we were at a different part of the river for our family portraits

One of the many cool locations for pictures

I love that the river feeds through the mall

Waiting for the boat. I love this picture of the three of them! 

Marriot hotel in the back with pretty lights

I want to eat dinner al fresco too!

Tower of America

At the end of our boat tour.

This mission is usually full of people during the day. Glad that we were there to see it at night. 

We had to at least take some pictures outside of Alamo.

Little pieces of mosaics made up this picture. 

This looks really cool!

After walking down the riverwalk, we went drenched in sweat (whew! summer night in SA is SO humid and hot!), we went and freshened up at Haagan Daaz. Aahh...much better.

I enjoyed the boat ride because I learned a lot about this river that goes underneath the mall. I love that there were so many restaurants on both sides and along the river. The music playing and the people chattering over dinner made for a very lively and fun atmosphere, which I loved! Truly, the riverwalk is a charming place at night. 

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