Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Baby Kai and Idaho for a day

Sorry about my last blog post (it was loaded with pictures but only had two lines of sentences in the whole post. I didn't even both captioning! I was too tired and lazy and I was in a hurry to publish it because it had been saved as a draft for far too long and I simply didn't know what else to say about the fair and Zion, I think the pictures pretty much said it all), but I promise this post is SO MUCH better. Mainly because of this sweet little addition to our family.

Meet Kai Noah Whiting, world. So little, so sweet, so heavenly! 

This sleeping position of his reminded me of Liam when he was a newborn. So cuddly!

We (the three of us, my mom-in-law, and Kendall) drove to Firth, Idaho to see Kai, Jordyn, and Tyler. It was a beautiful drive as the clouds pretty much filled the sky. 

Kai was sleeping when we got to Jordyn's mom's home, so we took turns holding him.

Okay, now this is making my ovaries hurt. It's so weird and awesome to be holding a newborn again. I don't remember Liam being this small (well, he never was 6 pounds plus anyways) and light. 

So I was practicing/imagining what it'd be like to have two babies. Um...can't do it. Can't even get a nice picture taken.

Yay! I love this picture so much! Two brothers with their first born sons. Can't wait til Kai is older and have his eyes open to get another picture like this! Maybe Christmas time?? 

Group shot is always so fun. This was the next day, by the way, the day we were going back to Utah. Note: Mr.L's belly (gotta sit up straight for pictures, babe. What have I taught you? LOL!!!).

Uhh...what's this?'s a small human! 2 seconds after this picture was taken, Liam was pushing Kai away and to get down from the couch. 
The highlight of our trip was, of course, seeing sweet baby Kai. Howeever, despite only being there for a day and a night, we had fun hanging out with Tyler and Jordyn, and Jordyn's sweet family. We played bananagram (my favorite game now!), jumped on the trampoline, played out in the yard with the dogs, watched the sunset, and had a great dinner.

Also, they have the cutest dogs! And check out this photo below. Spectacular!

Where I grow up, dogs chase cats. This was probably heaven.

Rough housing. I thought the puppy was going to swallow the cat. Watching them play made my heart stopped so many times!

Jordyn's sweet 5 year old sister. She is so cute and funny! She said me and her are alike (us being the only non-caucasians, haha!)

Golden Retriever, my no.1 favorite dog! This one is by far the cutest. I like that his fur is blond. 

I love dogs, dogs love me.

Shoot some skeet. I did it too. Pretty much one of  my least favorite things to do.

Thanks to the baby monitor we were all able to go soak in the hot tub at the hotel.  

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