Monday, September 30, 2013

Best friends and the coolest toy store!

Since it is officially Fall now, I should probably hurry and finish posting pictures of Liam's first summer. This summer has been my best summer in the U.S so far! It was mainly because I got to do so much with Liam.

Liam made a good friend this summer. His name is Dmitri, a super cute Russian American. In the past few weeks they hung out almost everyday. Anastasiya and I took our boys everywhere to explore. It's so much more fun to explore with friends! Some of the places we loved going to were Riverwoods shops (they have the best toy store!!), University Mall playground, and the Provo temple. 

Best friends play chase.

After mommy chalked the road, he ate the chalk.

Best friends get distracted together.

Best friends wear matching clothes.

Mit is 3 months younger than Liam but he is already walking/running like a pro! Amazing!!

We love Riverwoods!

Best toy store ever! Blikenstaff. does this work?

Oh, this is how it works!! 

Best friends like what you like!

A tree and a dinosaur in the toy store. How cool is that?!

More cool stuff in the toy store

Ride a zebra

Mit is interested too!

This is what friends are for!

Best friend got your back!

Best friend lets you know when your mom dress you up funny. 

Best friends have the same ride!

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