Monday, September 16, 2013

Liam's First Haircut

Liam got his haircut a few weeks ago. I know I have said that I want him to get a haircut when he turns one, but his bangs was getting way long and was poking his eye. I had to either pin his bangs up or wet it so it'd stay swept away to the side. More and more people were thinking that he was a girl! So one Saturday morning we decided to take him to Cookie Cutter, a kid's hair salon for a cut. The place is so so cute! Unfortunately, Liam didn't do so well during the haircut. He pretty much cried and struggled after the girl wet his hair with a spray bottle. It was like going to the doctor!! I felt bad for him and the girl cutting his hair. But I'm glad his bangs is no longer poking his eye. So yay!

The cutest haircut place!

Playing on the slide, not knowing what is about to happen

Yay, airplane chair. 

Huh? What's going on?

Before he got mad.

This was after he'd cried and screamed. I was too busy calming him down to take any of his bawling pictures.
Daddy came to the rescue with some apple juice.

Still not liking it.

K, try a sucker. Maybe he'll be too busy to notice.

After all the tears (Liam) and sweat (the hairdresser), he's done! Little rascal! Not much of a difference, just a teensy bit shorter.

Congratulations! Here's a balloon for your first haircut. 

Now he's happy.

Next time I'll cut his hair myself!

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